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Incomplete 37 years, Anna has traveled the world and learned five languages. At the time she received a good inheritance, successfully invested the money and now can do nothing to worry about. She has an 18-year-old daughter and four behind marriage.

Each man, starting with the first, even though the wedding was a "shotgun" was truly a beloved man. But it did not happen, and Anya is not the person who will have something to stick, when the breakdown tangible and visible. Not to say that I share her approach. I can't take and shoot from the hip, throw it in the bag replacement pair of underwear, a toothbrush and rush across half of the globe with your beloved at sunset. I'm quite different, but this desperate determination I admire. She's not afraid of anything, often listens to intuition, heart, or even some places at least – the brain and common sense, and in the end very happy.

Four million three hundred eighty three thousand thirteen

Her daughter took me practice a few years ago. This is an open, sincere, and a little good crazy, like the mother. Latest not all the time you were with her, but the abundance of love from grandparents, aunts and grandfathers did not give the child to feel abandoned and destitute, the injury not happened, the girl grew up to be stunning.

Not long ago I was at a traditional wedding where 200 people and actually no one knows. But it so happened that among the celebrants were our friends in common with Anna. We sat at a separate table, and I was looking through her instagram, and there is just a whole bunch of fresh photos from Bali, where they live with my daughter for the last three weeks. Happy, tanned, smiling. The conversation flowed smoothly in that direction.

Some people do not like successful and happy, but not on it. I do not remember who first voiced the idea: the child in the singular – the lack of a safety net from a lack of the right amount of H2O at the end of years. And there is hardly a madman (was used the word with a much more dramatic stylistic color), who agreed to contact the woman is a) not fresh b) with such a track record.

I did not discuss the age and number of children among those who issued such a strict verdict. Just reminded that the cooler is a very affordable fixture in our day and called a taxi. On the way home remembered another occasion.

There I learned amazing pair. Anatoly, 55 years, behind a lot of relationship and five children from different mothers. The man was regularly taking out loans, getting into adventures, was burned, was interrupted by the vague part, the kids never really helped (than a few times proudly focused) and was desperately looking for love. On the eve of our meeting with him was another miracle named Nadia 19 years old. From ladies of the heart didn't move all night, tenderly held her hand and told everyone on the far-reaching plans and the wedding – it was wrong to live in sin.

Women pursed lips, listening to the story and looking at the open neckline Nadya. And men respectfully patted him on the shoulder, one even smacked my lips and slowly gave a drunken, but sincere "well done."

Ageless body and soul Anatoly – conqueror of molodchik, hero inseminator, represented the two main "postulate" which makes a person complete in these days. a) not one b) reproduced in sufficient quantity. Unlike almost childfree Ani, which gave birth to some shotgun, Yes, and five minutes to the cuckoo. Where she is, and where he is.

I think Anya really will not get married – because she will not go there. Abhorrent red tape – all the husbands were forced to change the name. Imagine how she stood in the queues with documents! I also think that a man who would love her, and the truth will have a slice of madness. Not because of marriage, early child and travel, but because her "normal" is just not interested.

And yet, the more I learn of the stories of such traditional supporters of traditional family values, as Anatoly, the more I hear that these cool, bright and beautiful women like Anna, will not get married, the more I'm starting to think that it is good not for me. I went for cooler. published  


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