3 questions that will determine the quality of Your life

Have you ever had the feeling that you live your life? At some point you turned somewhere and simply got lost? Your way of existence and not life, then the full name, it's more of a dress rehearsal for something important?

If Yes, then this article you are sure to come in handy!

Carefully choose what to pay attention

At any point in time a million things are competing for Your attention. You can focus on the fact that what's happening right here and now, or that You want to create in the future. And You can fixate on the past.

WHAT You pay attention to creates Your world and ultimately Your life.

What do You usually think about what You already have or what You lack? Than most of the time Your thoughts are occupied?

Instead of constantly grumbling about what You don't have enough money, You can recognize that You still have a lot of good. You can experience gratitude for what You have health, family, friends, intelligence and opportunities.

Develop a habit to appreciate what You have now. This will help You to reach a new level of emotional well-being.Here is the second pattern of Your behavior.

You tend to pay more attention to what You are able to manage, or that You are not subject?



If You focus on the fact that You are not able to control stress will become an integral part of Your life.

Much more effective to accept that there are things that You are able to control, and try to improve something You are working on.


Think about what the point of all this?



How You feel has nothing to do with the events in Your life or with Your financial condition.

The quality of Your life is the result of Your attitude towards life, not what You get, and what is not. You may not realize how much Your life is affected by the subconscious mind.

Think about how You usually treat serious troubles: car accidents, illness, layoffs from work? You tend to think that this is the end? Or what is the beginning?

The man who constantly criticizes You, insults You or cares that You are better?

Very often You can't affect what happens in Your life. But You can affect their attitude.

Emotions define Your life. Learn to manage them consciously and intelligently.


What will You do?


Your actions largely determine Your emotional state. If You are angry, you behave differently than if it was perceived safer.

You should focus on trying to do my best, expanding their rights and opportunities.

Two different people can absolutely respond differently to the same difficult and unpleasant situation.

Some retreat, others constantly push themselves forward.

For some, the anger is irritation, for others rage.

Some people, when they hurt, trying to forget about what happened, others infect your brain with vengeance.

Think about how You usually behave when you are upset, angry or feel alone.

Think about these three questions. How You answer them, ultimately will determine the quality of your life.

Dale Carnegie said “we all Have capabilities which we do not even suspect. We are able to do what can't even dream of.”

But if you never dare, you never know your potential and your capabilities. published


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