Bags of cheese and Suluguni cheese rolls

Bags of cheese Suluguni

Suddenly, the store got sheets of salty Suluguni cheese, thin, fresh. Accordingly, immediately arose the idea to make bags of spicy cheese. Traditionally, these bags make Georgian cheese nadugi, walnuts, mint, red pepper. In the absence of nadughi ingredients changed to available).

a few sheets of cheese Suluguni*

* If the cheese in layers not available, you can do the following: slightly warm Suluguni cheese in the microwave or in boiling water, wrapping it in pre-heat resistant cellophane, then roll the cheese into thin layers and cut them in circles or squares for future bags. Leftover cheese can re-heat and to draw from them the threads that tie the bags.

for the filling:

Option 1:

  • grainy cottage cheese
  • a bunch of green or chives
  • a little lemon zest
  • a little lemon juice
  • fresh herbs to taste
  • salt
Option 2:

  • regular cottage cheese fat content to taste, we had zero
  • red hot pepper flakes or fresh, optional
  • walnuts
  • garlic
  • sweet paprika
  • fresh herbs to taste
  • salt
For the first option of filling granular cheese mixed with chopped chives, herbs of choice, add a little malcontent lemon peel. Salt and lemon juice add to taste.

The second option is more traditional. Mashed in curd add the sweet paprika, chopped hot pepper,
chopped walnuts, garlic, fresh herbs, salt to taste. Mix well.

Put the stuffing in the middle of each layer of cheese, the edges folded into a pouch and tie scalded in boiling water chives.



Cheese rolls

And now we have another option of presenting this simple and delicious cheese snacks.

Ingredients for rolls:

  • several sheets Suluguni
  • cheese fat content 9%
  • a bunch of green or chives
  • a bunch of parsley or other herbs
  • a little lemon juice
  • optional garlic or hot pepper
  • salt
Mix cottage cheese with finely chopped greens, salt, add lemon juice and, if desired, crushed garlic or hot pepper.

Leaves pork and spread the stuffing, roll into rolls and put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Then cut the rolls and lay them on a plate, garnish with lettuce and greens. published


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