Simple exercises that will give you the desired body

Not everyone has the money to go to the gym. Some people value gym membership as an additional and unnecessary costs. Hiring a fitness trainer means lose significant amounts of money. And generally going to the gym is expensive.

Fortunately, you don't need to spend a penny to stay in shape and have a beautiful body. There are exercises you can do at home.

Here are a few simple home exercises that you can do whenever you want.

Walking in place — cardio, legs


Jumping jacks — cardio, whole body


Push-UPS on bench — triceps


Feet in this case, can be raised slightly, placing something under them or leave them on the floor


Exercise bridge — glutes, legs


This exercise is also called the rise of the hip lying, "the bridge" will strengthen your buttock muscles and hamstrings, and will also work your abs and inner thigh.


Push UPS from the table — muscles of the upper back, triceps



Exercise "Planck" — the muscles of the shoulders, arms, bark


Strap is to times a day to "hang" above the floor for a few minutes, relying only on the hands and toes of feet.


Exercise "boat" — the muscles of the waist and upper back


Lift both legs up without bending the knees and simultaneously lift your head, shoulders and upper torso off the floor, raising them to the same height as the legs. Hold this pose up to 10 seconds and slowly lower your head and feet.


A push-up position "feet above head" — the upper part of the pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulders




Lunges — legs, glutes



Exercise "lifting a dumbbell from behind the head with two hands" — triceps


If you don't have a dumbbell, and it doesn't have to only they were. You can easily make a replacement, for example of bottles of water/sand.


Exercise "foot up" — the gluteal muscles


It is done on the floor and special skills are not required. Hands and knees resting on the floor, one leg bent at the knee and push the heel up.




Lifting the torso from a prone position, lifting straight up and bent at a right angle of the legs from the supine position, the simultaneous elevation of the legs and upper torso, etc.


Sitting near the wall - legs and glutes


Stand with your back to the wall, feet together. Slowly squat with your back straight, being careful not to pull the heel.


Lifting on socks — caviar



Squats whole body — legs, glutes


All these light exercises will help you acquire the desired beautiful body, and without losing a penny.published


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