The woman, like a used car

Today I want to speak with men who like to complain about "sterazin" who "ruined their lives" and continue to spoil even if left behind.

Know where your problems that you have in the comments, telling the whole Internet scary stories that demonstrate that even your women don't put you in anything? Yes, just you to choice cars think better than women!

Fifty seven million two hundred ninety nine thousand one hundred sixty eight

You in the showroom and under the hood look, and stand driving. And women? How do you decide that SHE is suitable to live with you under one ceiling, wash your socks (in your own washing machine), to give birth and raise your children? As you check out her "performance"? During the "test drive"?

If you learned how to choose a car, then use your experience and communication with women!

Important note! Women, we will compare it with used cars. Not because women worn out mechanisms, not at all. Just a car recently descended from the conveyor, hides fewer surprises. In addition, it is possible to change or repair under warranty. Another thing – a car, say, "history." Here it is – "mine eyes have seen Shaw kupovaly". Well, women with "factory specifications" simply does not exist.


Don't fall in love at first sight.

Fifty seven million two hundred seven thousand eight hundred thirty

It is in the showroom you can order a "fully loaded" and fussy about the color. In the secondary market, this approach is not working. Too great a variation even within the same model one year of release. On the same machine a couple of seniors in the spring traveled to the country and was driving in the right lane, observing the speed limit, and adjacent – taksovat in three shifts.

No, I'm not about to lower the bar claims. But it may be that you're looking for a two-year "Korean", and you suddenly offer "Honda"-five years for the same money plus a set of winter tires to boot. Something to think about, right? Well, here are and women the same.

To go into the "brides" with a long list of criteria for sifting is stupid. There is a risk to overlook really interesting instance that does not fit the strict requirements, entrenched in the head with stupid stereotypes. This is especially true of online Dating with the ability to set filters for the type, age, height, and other exterior details.

Of course, exterior to men is important. But, first, 146 % of women who become acquainted via the Internet, lie about their characteristics and the photos are photoshop. Besides, I know a lot of men who fall for the lush blonde named Olga, and I live in a happy marriage with a brunette Larissa. And secondly, don't be enchanted appearance ahead of time. Before giving the will of hormonal chemistry, the whole of this intricate game of neurotransmitters, which people call "love", go to the object rationally.

Something I never heard about that man, just seeing the car and not collecting information, he hollered, "Oh, Yes! I have found it! She's the one, my only, I want it, I take it, no I don't need – just the one!»

Choose equipment on your own.

Seventy seven million nine hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred forty six

No, I'm not arguing, leather interior and a USB connector in the trunk is also important. But salon if you want you can change, and connectors should I fix or do, this is unlikely to significantly. Considerably more.

On the market or to the owner, put his "horse" for sale, usually come with a friend who understands where they can hide unpleasant surprises. There is no such other?

Not scary, there are independent garages, there are responsible comrades would prostuchat and will give a complete medical history along with a list of what you need to change immediately, and what parts will have to come back after 50 thousand kilometers. And certainly no one buys a car, before that well after drinking so that everything seems "ferraresi".

Yes, women are a little different. Experienced assistants there are unlikely to be useful. Even if they throw any doubts, this will be done too delicately. And anyway, who listens to advisers in matters of personal life? Men can easily discuss the merits and demerits of women which they in no way relate to, and when, maybe fate is being decided, suddenly turn off the built-in "Whisperer".

Okay, do not want to discuss with anyone the candidate Charmer, act for yourself. Include the program "Sleuth." Punch her profiles in social networks, see what she says and laykaet. Spend a session "surveillance" – always interesting to see how it behaves when a woman tries to please you.

And, of course, talk. Without giving serious advances, ask about everything: about family, about childhood, habits, favorite books and music. The trick is to mask an interview under ordinary conversation. Tell me about yourself too, because a woman also chooses, and she needs information about you. You need to figure out whether she was a good hostess, what's her plan from the point of view of professional development, whether she has children and if she plans to give birth yet.

Of course, everyone is free to determine whether a lady or not. You should not want something in its settings to change. I can't guarantee what happens the first time, but the idea is simple: you need to understand that will make this particular woman your life more complete and enjoyable or will it make it a confusion and turmoil. Oh, and incidentally check whether you comply with her plans for life.



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For me personally, the absolute stop signal are sentences such as "I don't like cooking, I can not and I will not learn – in the restaurant always tastes better than at home" or "I'm working, but actually want your business, not yet invented, what it is". With clinical fools will not go far. Even if the sex is unbelievably good.

Check the sex, by the way, of course – one of the main tests to create long-lasting relationships.

But it is a pity that a good mistress meet more often than a decent companion of life.published 


Author: Alexander Kaminski


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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