Mens Soul that never knew...

Much has been written about the Beautiful and fragile woman's Soul. But why no one never wrote about a man's Soul.

Yes, dear Women! Imagine we, too, have their own Soul. And she also wants to soar out of love, and she, too, is compressed into a small lump, when she said good – bye...

Male Soul irresistible much want to quietly approach the woman from behind and just hugged her silently to measure their happiness her breath. And, of course, it is not true that the male Soul wants stupid to fuck everything that moves. All cheap stereotypes and well-worn to holes stigma.

Do you women really think that a Mature self-sufficient man who has seen life and tasted true love, I want stupid Suva your dick in someone else, and unknown Woman?

Male Soul, too, want to Wake up in bed with his beloved Woman, and being afraid even to breathe, God Forbid, not to Wake her up, just quietly admire her beautiful and peaceful sleeping face. Mens Soul also covered the entire goosebumps when touched with Tenderness, and she is also terribly aching and hurting from Loneliness.

The male Soul is everything that you thought you know but actually never knew...” (David Tumarinson)

I confirm that the Male Soul is subtle and perhaps even more vulnerable than the female. She is covered in a carapace of cynicism, bezemotsionalnoe, consent to play in the prescribed by society for men rules. But she loves! So deep and so painful that rare woman imagined it.

When during the consultations create a quiet, unobtrusive and confidential space for Men, the Soul begins to sound. She talks about her pain; about the woman, for which man is willing to do anything but which will; about the woman, encouraging words which waits years; that waits for sometimes even more than sex; that jumps above his head for one and hopes it at least will notice; that is willing to give everything, but is reluctant to his feelings are not thrown in the trash.

Men to protect his Soul, and we think that they do not know how to feel.

Author: Lilia Ahremchik



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