Words that should be afraid of any man.

In human language, different dialects have a small number of words using that man turns himself into a woman. By itself, this fact does not mean anything. However, he begins to play an important role when the man begins to talk to women. They simply do not take seriously ...

These words should be wary of any self-respecting man. For when they speak them, he loses the essence of the male. He becomes unreliable. That's reliability in Men Women appreciate above all. It attracts their reliability as butterflies attracted to light a lantern on a dark night.

These terrible words:

"I do not know»
If you want to ensure that a woman has lost all interest to you and respect, use them more often. And you are guaranteed success. For those who want to be interesting for Women, attract it, the council one - forget about those words, as if they did not exist in your life.

There are a lot of word forms can replace them, but at the same time - to make the thoughts in your mind sharper and clearer.

Consider the example:

 - I do not know what time I will finish the job.
That's right:
 - I'll call you in half an hour before you finish the job.

 - Maybe today I'd have to buy you a new drive
That's right:
 - In the evening, I'll buy you a new drive

 - We go to the movies today, if you give me a salary
That's right:
 - Later in the afternoon I'll know whether or not able to go to the movies

 - Perhaps we will meet on Saturday
That's right:
 - I want to see you on Saturday

Underline highlighted phrases that make your speech too uncertain. Too unreliable to trust your words. The line below in each example highlighted underlined words that make your speech clear and definite. The main principle is to construct sentences in conjunction "I» + & lt; a certain verb & gt ;. Considered well-formed sentences that do not require additional clarifying questions.

It was built in such a way may sound only from the mouth of a man who knows and knows how to plan for your life. Monitors events and situations and subjects them to their desires. Makes life a harmonious and clear.


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