Wrath of Alexander the Great.

When Alexander the Great came to India, he realized that the Indians - the brave and fearless people. He even made friends with some of them. When he had already decided to return home, he remembered that his men were asked to bring Indian yoga. They have heard a lot about yogis and wanted to see some of them to meet with him to talk and get his blessings.
Alexander heard that yoga live in the woods. In search of some of the yogis he went into the woods. Finally, he saw one of them sitting under a tree in deep meditation. He waited patiently until the yogi will open your eyes. Yoga eyes radiated a mysterious, mystical light.
With a sense of awe Alexander asked Yoga accompany him to Greece, saying: "I'll give you everything you whatever you ask. But, I beg you, come with me. My people tend to see you! »
Yogi replied calmly: "I do not need anything, I'm happy here and now!»
No one had not rejected the request of Alexander. This set him off. He was angry. Drew his sword, he shouted: "Do you know who is talking to you? I - the great king Alexander. If you do not listen to me, I'll kill you, cut into pieces! »
Yogi replied calmly: "You can not kill me! You can only kill my body. Body - this is only the clothes that I wear. I myself - not the body. I myself am inside him ».
"You say that you - the king" - Yogi continued. "Can I tell you who you are? You - a slave of my slave! »
Stunned, Alexander asked, "How can I be a slave to your servant?»
Voice full of compassion, the yogi explained: "I mastered his anger. Anger - my slave. But look how easily fell into anger you. You - the slave of anger, and, therefore, you - a slave of my slave. "


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