Skirt - girl power.

Skirt - is a mandatory attribute of femininity, and not because it's beautiful. Wearing a skirt has its sacred meaning. If we recall how the women were wearing ancient civilizations, we see them all just in a dress or skirt: Slavic women - a sundress, a Greek - a tunic, an Egyptian - in kalaziris (a piece of cloth that wraps the figure from the ankles up to his chest, supported by one or two straps), a Roman - a tunic, women in India - in saris, Japanese women - in a kimono. But why? In those days, due to the smaller of the information pollution, people are much better and brighter feel in touch with their inner nature, and clearly understand that men and women differ from each other not only physically, but also energetically. The woman is so constructed that receives energy from below, from Mother Earth, the energy of matter, including expressed in all material wealth, not for nothing that the earth represents abundance, expressed in the fetus, which she gave. Man takes energy from above, nourishing and strengthening your spirit energy of the air.
Uterus - a vessel, where the feminine energy is accumulated. In men, this body is not, they have nowhere to store energy with such qualities, because they can get it only from women.
But when a woman wears pants and jeans, thereby blocking yourself energy channel of communication with Earth, clamps all pelvic organs, clogs the flow of blood and energy, thereby leaving a sacred vessel empty, and she had nothing to share. A female energy, presented a man makes it more balanced, more stable, safer, directing his actions on creation. Aggressive, rude men - those who are deprived of a woman's love, her soft, caressing energy.
The result is that the higher plane violated exchange of energies, a woman nourishes your spirit, strengthening and reinforcing his male pattern, and interacts with a man as a man. On the physical plane is expressed in disease, quarrels and scandals.
First publicly dared to wear pants Coco Chanel, she brought them into vogue. Thus, if the dam burst and women get a pass in a man's world, putting himself on a level with the man, but equality and could not (and could not! What is the meaning equalize protivopolnozhti?) - Came only competition in society, and as a consequence - in the family .
Unfortunately, many women do not present themselves without trousers, the main argument for them - easy. Yes, it is more convenient to perform in jeans men's work, pull of gravity to move faster and more agile. Dress and skirt define a natural inhibition, which is good for women, since its main harmonious state is peace.
This woman will never come to mind to drag things overweight, she calmly wait until a man appeared on the horizon, and soft, feminine ask him for help, and in this case he can not refuse, because it is a manifestation of man's nature.
Dressing gown instantly feel how the state has become more playful, inviting, not to mention the sense that a man always prefers a woman dress, any cool jeans.
Beautiful clothes to you all, ladies!


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