In ancient times, the girls initially trained to be wives.

In ancient times, the girls initially trained to be wives. In accordance with this build and upbringing of children in families. Every little girl grew up with the knowledge that in the future it will be a woman and wife, not just nominally, and follow the appropriate destination. Sacred knowledge passed down from mothers and grandmothers in the female line kind, but also men have made an enormous contribution to the formation of its worldview and understanding of her special feminine role. Men sort their respect and reverence of women, helps girls find their relevance and value. Through the relationship between the mother and father, she also learned to respect and accept men, and at the same time and all the masculine universe.
Each maturing girl held a special dedication and already matured physically, had some knowledge about their feminine nature and their female responsibilities of harmonious interaction with men, so she was ready to start a family. This girl knew how to manage their female energy, knew how to inspire a man to multiply as love, happiness and prosperity in the family how to be present Beregin educate children in goodness and wisdom to build their lives and their descendants in harmony with all things.
And what do we have now? Nowadays these traditions completely abandoned. Women have forgotten their purpose - to multiply Love renounced its natural, genuine nature. Now the woman is not able to respect and accept himself or a man. Girls have to absorb the behaviors of parents growing up with an already distorted perception of male and female, which is transmitted from the mother to her with a grudge against men with a sense of injustice.
Schools and Institutes provide knowledge, which then a maximum of 5% applied in life, there are not taught to be happy. Femininity never brought up and nurtured since qualities such as softness, gentleness, kindness, modesty and complaisance are not wanted in the business world. More cultivated independence and autonomy, and as a result, women become very difficult to trust a man, to be closer to him, that makes more disharmony.
Maybe it's time to rethink their values ​​and interrupt this depressing chain of events? After all, we are their behavior, thoughts, feelings are creating not only his life and reality, but also the lives of our children.


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