Ayurvedic nutrition secrets.

1. For better digestion and to improve the taste of the food, sprinkled with their dishes with lemon juice before serving. Such a move will transform your meals out of the ordinary and usual in a very fresh and tasty. But it can be done only in the afternoon, because Drinking large amounts of sour taste in the morning or in the evening will indigestion.

2. In order to not freeze in winter, eat lunch in the sauerkraut and pickles. Their sour taste in our body in the assimilation gives warmth.

3. For better use of frying corn oil, since it longer and better than other oils carries higher temperature without decomposition. In the second place there is a vegetable oil, it is destroyed by heating faster than corn oil. But the olive and flaxseed oil does not tolerate heat, because decompose and form harmful substances during frying. King oils is ghee, it is well tolerated even multiple heating and a very beneficial effect on our body and digestion.
4. If you want your dishes contained more blissful qualities and give you more good feelings - was added to each dish in the middle of cooking a small amount of sugar (even in salty dishes) and a bit of whole cow's milk.

5. The best and healthy food that which was prepared not later than 3 hours ago. This food is benevolent and well nourishes the body. Food that was prepared for more than 3 hours ago already has an admixture of ignorance and not able to heal the body.

6. Canned foods should be avoided, since it does not contain anything good from the original product, ie remains only an empty shell with a weak taste, and that feeds our mind and body - prana - is no longer there. Frozen food is also not valuable to us, it speeds up in our bodies aging process.

7. In our morning food should prevail sweet taste in the evening - a neutral taste, and here at lunch in the food must contain all 6 flavors - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent. When the food has 6 flavors - it completely saturates the body and mind.

8. In order to enrich our normal diet different tastes and improve her digestion - it is necessary to use spices, but in small doses and only those that are appropriate for you, and only with the products with which they are combined.

9. In one meal is better not to use mutually incompatible products. For example together to eat bread, potatoes, rice and oats, or interfere with boiled or fresh vegetables with fresh fruit, milk or mix with something else, or acid fruits with sweet.

10. The cook who prepares food should be calm and peaceful, otherwise all his anxiety or irritation with anger will be in that food, it does. Especially strongly absorb all emotions cook baked goods and pastries.


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