How to cleanse the body of parasites: Ayurveda tips

Infestation of worms and fungi occur more often than many of us think.

Most diseases can be cured or not to allow if to clean the body of parasites.

This problem is particularly relevant for children whose immunity is just learning to resist various microbes, fungi and worms. It is topical for weakened organisms.

Contact with contaminated food, water, object or person (including low sanitation or visits to such places).To understand how to deal with worms, you should know, thus infecting them. The most common causes of reproduction of parasites in human body is:

Low digestive fire (Agni). Therefore, infection with intestinal parasites are the most exposed people of Vata and Kapha constitutions. People with a predominant Pitta dosha, the infection is rarely (if it happens, it is a strong digestive fire destroys worm eggs during digestion).

Stay in ignorance – tematichno. Laziness, sloppiness, wrong thoughts, apathy and indifference, ignorant communication and behavior – all of which leads to the degradation of the person and creates a perfect breeding ground for various parasites and diseases.

Reproduction and increasing the population of parasites contributes to a passion for sweets, cereals or dairy products, yoghurts malnutrition in General. The accumulation of AMA (undigested food residues) greatly reduces Agni and weakens the body's ability to resist infection.

Parasites can be in any part of the body: in the intestine, blood, liver, kidneys, pancreas, muscles, brain. They can Express themselves in different ways: a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, nausea, pains and cramps in the intestines, skin diseases, digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, etc.), fever, pain in the kidneys, liver, etc.

Purification of parasites in AyurvedaWhat to do, not to become a cozy home for parasites? How to cleanse the body and how to maintain it clean in the future? Before cleanse, the science of life Ayurveda recommends that to clear the mind. This is especially important in case of strong infestation and the presence of chronic diseases (when the parasites are already firmly rooted in the body).

Change the way of thinking and living, learn how to cook and to choose the appropriate Your Constitution diet for keep mind, environment and body. Term sattvic lifestyle (satva – by the modes of goodness) makes you least attractive to pests. Clean the inside and outside are the most reliable protection from parasites.

For the treatment of parasites prescribe a specific diet aimed at getting rid of toxins. From the diet should exclude sweets, meat and dairy products. It could also be starvation. For the period of purification appointed laxatives, for example:

tea from Tripoly, infusion of plum or a couple of spoons of castor oil at night (gentle cleansing);

the tea made from one tsp. of powder of rhubarb before going to bed (stronger cleanse).

This used antiparasitic herbs to be taken for 3-5 days. After such a course again appointed laxatives to finally bring parasites from the body. Herbs that are most used in Ayurveda the following:

  • vidange (main grass destroys intestinal parasites);
  • tsitvarnaya wormwood (all types of worms);
  • wormwood (nematodes, round, tapeworms);
  • tulasi (Basil);
  • the roots of katuka;
  • of must (kills intestinal parasites, is effective for candidiasis and yeast infections of the gastrointestinal tract);
  • betel nuts;
  • the aloe juice;
  • it (leaves powder), etc.
St. John's wort and thyme destroys various types of parasites. Soothe intestinal irritation and kill the parasites also chamomile, rosemary and orechovka. To enhance digestive fire, use a variety of spices. The most effective may be: asafoetida, ginger, red and black pepper, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, Bay leaves, hot spices.

Regular use in food of spices, the use of herbal teas, the adjustment of the nutrition and diet is a great way to defeat the parasites, including the good and the prevention of infection.

For prevention, Ayurveda also recommends several times a year to perform a purification of the whole organism, for example, with the help of Panchakarma procedures. Fasting is "Ekadasi", periodic starvation, the transition to vegetarianism, veganism and the raw food diet is also an effective methods of prevention of parasitic infestations. That is the main thing – to create an atmosphere of cleanliness, which the parasites do not like.

AYURVEDIC ANTIPARASITIC will Receptividade are some effective recipes. In India is widely used a mixture of seven spices:

  • Asafoetida (lightly fried);
  • Ginger;
  • Pippali (you can substitute red pepper);
  • Global positioning systems (GPS);
  • Black pepper;
  • Ajvan;
  • Rock salt.
All this is taken in equal proportions, mixed with ghee, and a little is taken before Breakfast on an empty stomach. This mixture is also a good tonic for the liver.

Parasites really don't like carrots – it's poisonous to them. You can spend "fasting days" in which there is only one carrot, and you can go an easier way. Mix the following ingredients:

Wormwood tincture – 10 drops ;

Fennel tincture – 20 drops (neutralizes the bitterness of the first);

A quarter Cup of carrot juice.

For four days drink this remedy before Breakfast. After exactly 2 weeks to try again. This treatment is good for ridding children of worms.

Another tool, which is very afraid of parasites garlic. A few cloves, chopped, and swallowed in the morning on an empty stomach, will help to get rid of most worms. To use the garlic this way for several days in a row.

Onions can also help. As anthelmintic means taking water infused with onions. In the evening one onion slice and fill with water. In the morning the onion is drained, and water to drink. Very unpleasant, but effective remedy that will also need to be within a few days.

Effective and raw pumpkin seeds. You can eat a couple of days only such seeds, but you can just before Breakfast eat 1 tbsp of crushed seeds with honey.

More lazy can use special Ayurvedic anthelmintic drugs, for example: Crimi cuter races (kills intestinal and tissue parasites is applicable for chlamydia), Videngage Lauh (the drug from the herb vidange, excellent help with parasitic infestations), Rakta Sodhak (especially when parasites Pitta type, purifies the blood, removes fever), Suchtate churna. published

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