Hassle-free relationship on the side...

"I have everything under control", – thinks a married man when the mistress gets. So he thinks when he goes on a date with her, in bed, in a joint mission, after his wife's ears trip.

"This is just an adventure. The family is sacred. I can terminate this relationship at any time," and he truly believe in it, yet does not understand: no, it cannot.

At some point, out of control, out of all. Unfortunate man no longer controls, it already depends nothing. Now his role is a suitcase and carry it to the woman, whose exposure will be tight, but intuition is more subtle. One that will send him at exactly the moment when he really want to go back. Want so much, wanted nothing. Having remained in the family, sucker will think anything, in General, has not changed: as was the wife of a dull fool, so it remained. After retiring to his mistress, will see how it crystal romantic fantasy is broken the tile joint life and welcome a new woman exactly the same farts as hackneyed wife. And even louder. What to do? Go here: learn will. The main truth which you should learn smooth relations on the side does not happen. Any novel is always a hemorrhoids. It will be bad not only his wife and lover but also you. First of all, you. Not ready for the emotional ordeal, lie, female hysteria? Don't look for a colleague or do not make me, at first glance, a harmless outlet for social media. If you're already in trouble, and you think that what you're feeling right now — this is true love, know this: it is easy to love one you never see. Before to do something in relation to his wife, eat your peck of salt with his mistress. No, sucker, to escape together to the sea, or live together for 4 days, while his wife drove off to his mother, is not a peck of salt. A peck of salt is another. It is a complete trust in someone, not based on your fantasies, and actions. Not in words.published Author Lena Miro P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


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