Vibrogimnastika academician Mikulina: the secret of active longevity. As born again!

When academician Alexander Alexandrovich Mikulin , the famous aircraft designer, creator of the piston, turboprop and turbojet engines for aircraft, began with health problems, he became interested in the development of techniques that allow to forget about the disease and live a long, full life.

Secret dolgoletiyaAkademik Mikulin made gymnastics, consisting of basic exercises, original shake - heel kick on the floor. This technique helps to improve blood circulation, prevent clogging of veins and normalize blood pressure. Also improves brain function: the severity of the pain and not a trace remains in the head.

Stand up straight, feet joined, squeeze teeth. Elevated heel of 3-5 cm from the floor, then slumped. As a result of the arisen agitation venous valves get an additional impetus to push the blood up.

Do 30 of these lifting and lowering 5 times a day, and about diseases and thoughts do not arise! Perform each exercise slowly: 1 concussion in the second.

This gymnastics is especially useful for people who are forced to work for long periods standing or sitting. This exercise can serve even those who are prohibited jogging or brisk walking.

Shake the body - it is an effective prevention of thrombosis, myocardial infarction and stroke. It is surprising that one simple exercise is so helpful!

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