This mask acts on the skin better than Botox! I did not think the effect will be less noticeable ...

Special anti-aging cosmetics on the skin effectively if we combine it with a competent home care and natural masks! < Skin Care Products , which you read now, the power of action can be compared to Botox injections. Pay special attention to the curd mask: after the skin is completely adorable, this mask - my favorite ...

Home Skin Care
  1. Mask with cocoa powder
    15 grams of high-quality cocoa powder dissolve warm milk to obtain a pasty mass. Apply mask to cleansed face and hold it in, wash with cool water for 20 minutes.

    This natural mask returns the skin a radiant, youthful appearance! Where there has already appeared mesh of fine wrinkles, skin becomes supple and very smooth.
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  2. Mask with Vitamin C
    Mash into mush half a banana and pour into it the contents of the vial of vitamin C. Add a little heavy cream, a mask should be thick. Keep nourishing vitamin mask on your face for 20 minutes.

    This mask strengthens the process of renewal of skin cells in the deeper layers. The incredible anti-aging and moisturizing effect ...
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  3. Curd Mask
    1 tbsp. l. fat cottage cheese mixed with 2 tbsp. l. cream and 0, 5 h. l. salt. Stir the mixture apply on face for 20 minutes, wash away with warm water.

    Calcium and magnesium, which are contained in the curd, - a very valuable substance. They stimulate the production of collagen and helps the skin to cope with aging. The most effective such a mask in conjunction with the scrub!
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  4. Mask with beeswax
    Melt 1 tbsp. l. beeswax, mix 1 h. l. honey and 2 tbsp. l. fresh onion juice. Apply warm mixture on your face. After 10 minutes, remove the remnants of the mask with a damp cloth.

    Do not forget to apply every morning a means of stimulating the activity of skin cells around the eyes! This saves you from the appearance of "crow's feet". Good ice and rubbing of the skin of the eyelids.
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  5. Infusion for eternally youthful skin
    1 h. L. chopped oak bark, 1 tbsp. l. lime blossom and 1 tbsp. l. zaley dill 2 tbsp. boiling water. After 2 hours, strain the infusion and add a pinch of citric acid. Wipe it means the skin every evening.

    The infusion relieves skin dullness, helps with early wrinkles. All thanks to the magic tonic effect on the skin! The use of natural exfoliant will increase the healing effect of herbal infusion.
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  6. Massage to improve complexion
    To face shone with health, do not forget about the massage! Very useful for a few minutes a day to grimace, engaging in the action as much as possible to mimic the facial muscles. This improves the blood circulation of the skin and facial muscles, preventing aging and making facial contours more clearly.

    Every night is to do a skin massage, lightweight, no tweaks - only pressing and stroking. My favorite cream or serum for the face perfectly complement this useful procedure, improving the complexion.
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    Face Care at home - very simple task, know about it all the permanent reader < «Website» ! Share this article with friends helpful. Time does not spare anyone, but we know how to handle it!


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