Why did the older a woman gets, the more she needs a friend

Many years ago, resting with his family on the beach, I saw a group of women about 50. It was obvious that they were a great time female company: it showed colorful cocktails, beach bags with sweets and novels. But most of all I was struck by their laughter. They laughed loudly and so contagious that unconsciously wanted to join.

Later that evening, I met two of these ladies in the elevator and could not resist, said that she had seen them on the beach and they looked absolutely happy. Both laughed.

- Yes, we are very well together - one said. It is a long tradition: For 20 years we go to this beach. In each of us there were also troubles and difficulties, but we have always supported each other.

- Do not lose touch with your friends, my dear, - he added the second. - The older you get, the more you'll miss them

. I ran into memory this conversation. Do not get me wrong, I had a girlfriend, and I loved them, but only a couple of years ago, before the age of 40, fully feel what those ladies had in mind.

My friend lost her husband in a plane crash. Of these couples say they are made for each other. And so it was. They had been friends since childhood, we loved each other and were happy until death knocked at their house. A friend was lost, crushed, but at this moment we are all of those who loved her so much, were there and were able to at least a little to facilitate this burden.

I myself have been through a lot, saw a lot of pain can cause divorce, illness, unemployment. It seems to us that we are always one-on-one with disaster, but that friends can prove that we are wrong.

I understand that to keep in touch with friends is very difficult, especially when you have small children. No time, no strength, it is necessary to redo a lot of cases. But one thing I learned firmly, looking at my girlfriend: strong friendships to help heal the soul of tragedy after the disaster happened. She did not forget friends in the happiest moments, and they were by her side, shoulder to shoulder, when trouble came.

We together with the girls go to yoga, take each other takeaway coffee, looked after children and are planning joint field trips. I do not argue that favorite men play a significant role in our lives, but there are many things that will not be able to understand the most devoted lover. To do this you will need a friend.

When we go through the chaotic adolescence, we think that we can deal with everything ourselves, and this is true. Girlfriends will not live our lives for us, but they will be there to share and joyful and sad day. And if in friendship to invest energy and time ever, when you go to the beach now, you will laugh as infectious and openly, as those ladies, I met many years ago - a happy woman and friends
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Author: Kari Kampakis
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