Mom on the plane could not calm down a crying baby. That's what made her neighbor ...

Young mother from Alabama named Rebecca vrervye flying aircraft. Moreover, not one, but with a young daughter in her arms. She is very experienced and for the child, and for the trip, and for how everything goes. But the flight was worth it - they flew with the baby, to make a surprise to his father, who served in the ranks of firefighters of the United States Army


Here they are with a baby sat on his flight, but did not even start the engine aircraft as Riley began to whimper and cry. And on top of all the hassles passengers were hostile to look askance at the young mother. Stress, already accompanied her all the last hours, literally grew like a snowball. She has already tried and either way soothe his girl.

Fortunately, fate was kind to the young mother, and salvation found on board the aircraft. What happened next, a woman gave faith in human kindness!

She called the stewardess and asked for permission to transfer to the other series, where would be next to two empty seats. That allowed, and the woman moved to a new location. The third seat in the row was a woman named Nifesha.

Rebecca could not manage to give us something to soothe the baby Riley - the latter never ceased to cry desperately. Seeing this, a neighbor asked for it, if you can, baby. Within a minute Riley as if nothing had happened began to curiously peek out of the window. Then the woman seasick girl, and when she woke up, played with her right up until the landing.

Rebecca began to thank the good stranger, but she said that she was happy to help and play with such a pretty girl. In addition pobyla woman with a child, while my mother to deal with a stroller and car seat. How could she govern herself, Rebecca does not know!

After a happy reunion with her husband, the woman immediately shared this story on Facebook, to thank his rescuer and share it with the world.

"Nifesha Miller, you can never understand what an invaluable service rendered your help our family. You would like all the others to roll her eyes and angry, but you have acted differently. Thanks to you, I have gone through this difficult flight and only with the lump in my throat, I can not remember your act. When I looked at you and Riley, I just could not believe that all will end well and that there is a caring and considerate man like you! Thank you so much! God bless you! "

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