The most difficult thing - it is to be a woman.

The most difficult thing - it is to be a woman. Because the woman is 9 times more sensitive than men. Her mind is "sensitive" 9 times, but practical 9 times. 9 times the "sensitivity" of her emotions at the slightest provocation she may cry or be scared.
Woman deeper experiencing life events, so it should be protected by men. Deeply felt happiness, pain, grief, motherhood, so the woman to perform feats like mother nature. For the sake of the child she is ready to sacrifice his life. But since it deeper into 9 times, then she corrected and 9 times harder than men. If the correction man can be sent to the army, then for women such strong measures will be trauma. Woman raises only love. Thanks to her, she was capable of great feats. If nobody likes it, it becomes the most miserable, no unnecessary creature. Comes grief, illness, loss of beauty.
Culture relationship is built so that it is necessary not only to receive, but to give. In old Russia there were many holidays in which people participated - sang songs, danced, talked a lot. Now they are consumers who need to maintain. And in the pursuit of pleasure is impossible to build happiness.

A. Khakimov


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