PROBLEM lack of energy.

Many people ask how to change your life? Thousands of ways, but they will be defeated, if not enough energy. It's like rearranging the furniture in the apartment. If we want to change something, we need power to move, say, a bed in another place. And if these forces are not present, then you can at least dream about how much is in your room nice and cozy ... ever will.

Energy. That's what's missing for a change. Thus it is necessary to understand that every day we spend it on their lives. Everything that surrounds you - is the result of your energy expenditure. You have what you have, because this is the maximum of your forces.

Compare their lives with the speed of movement. For example, your average speed at the time of the usual walk at 5 km / h. So you can go for a long time. But if you want to walk faster, you have to go on the run, but in this case your energy will begin to spend more quickly.
So, the average speed - this is our life. We can enhance it a little due to the acceleration, but then be sure to exhale. And if we want our life to be different on a qualitative level, it is necessary to reach to the average speed of life was what happens now, if we go on the run.

Very often you can hear from people as they dream to go to the sea for a couple of weeks or even a month. But if you watch the rest, then mostly 2-3 days at sea and power restored. Then begins longing for the sun.

We as a vessel. And everyone has a volume. Vacationing can be arbitrarily long, but if the vessel is small, it will be filled quickly. Follow the energy in us together. Hence people often run out of steam after a rest for a couple of days. Month rest, but no good there.

It's not about where to get energy, and how to spend it. However, before you spend it on something useful, you have to understand where we are already spending it.


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