Scientists find out what Bananas actually useful for the organism


Banana - is a fruit that has long moved from the category of the exotic in a number of familiar foods. They eat almost everything and everywhere. The benefits of bananas can talk for a long time.

Today we are on the basis of scientific research will try to answer a question that has long excites all: can we have overripe bananas

. The researchers argue that the blackened bananas slightly different effect on the body.

Use overripe bananas bananovV immature present resistant (insoluble) starch. It is not digested in the small intestine and fermented in the large intestine, often causing flatulence. In ripe fruits of most of the starch is converted into sugar. Therefore, ripe bananas is not only sweet to the taste, but also easier to digest. This means that they are more useful for digestion.

The ripe banana contains much more useful substances. And most importantly - the darker the banana, the more it extracellular protein TNF (tumor necrosis factor). It inhibits the growth of tumor cells.

Eating 1 overripe banana in the day, you strengthen the immune system. Scientists in Japan claim that these fruits contain more fiber, vitamin C, group B, potassium and antioxidants than immature.

The next time picking bananas at the store, think about the council of this article. Perhaps overripe fruit is not as tasty, but they can be used in various dishes.

It is best to eat bananas in two hours after breakfast, as a snack. In no case do not eat them on an empty stomach. To be healthy, eat well!

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