How to change your life- on one-two-three!

How often do we start their lives anew and begin to live from Monday? Almost every day in our heads come good idea that we would have to change their lives and to acquire good habits.

We are starting to run, do exercises, read affirmations, put things in order on your desktop or on your computer ... Many chegonachinaem, but the result is one of most initiatives - some time somehow imperceptibly other things crowd out all the good intentions. And everything goes back to square one.

I'm a man like you. Likewise, many times I have to start somewhere. And many times in one day noticed that I missed, forgot, did not. And not because of laziness or lack of time. The reality was more prosaic: I just forget about this action

. One could say that yesterday was a busy day, there were a lot of things and thoughts have been occupied by another ... All this continuous excuses. The reality is that I just was not in the moment HERE and NOW.

And when I found out for the third time, again jumped and forgot to do what is hard before trying to enter into your life, I came up with a simple idea: to use for the formation of a system of habits One-Two-Three


The essence of the system is very simple. It's easy to learn. It is based on the basic properties of the psyche. Despite the fact that life can be so much spin that out of your head pops all, however, your basic automatic actions always remain.

What applies to them? All that has become familiar to us, and you do it every day. For example, morning and evening toilet. The habit to wash stuck in our minds ever since the "Moidodir" (remember, I suppose, "It is necessary, it is necessary to wash in the mornings and evenings"?). It applies automatic habits habit of brushing your teeth or eating breakfast habit (drinking morning tea, coffee, etc.). For many accustomed road to and from work.

In short, everyone can create your list of automatic habits. Maybe for the girls - it's a habit of compulsory makeup. And for fans of a healthy lifestyle - the same morning or evening jog. It is important that you perform this operation regularly and for a long time - at least six months / year

. Thus, the formation of habits, to obey the rules:

It is much easier to attach a new habit to another, already existing, than to incorporate it into your daily routine.

I repeat once again - much easier to attach to that is, you install the new connections. The system of one-two-three just make a snap. Pay attention to the sacred value of the number three. Our brain perceives three as something whole and complete. Therefore, our task - to establish a system of three actions that will be taken to the brain as a single program

. For example, you collect in one system morning steps: wash - I drank a glass of water - jogging. This system did not exist, you create it, based on the actions that you think is necessary for themselves. And not only think, but also to make them. Ready-made system so good that your body acts as a locomotive - until everything is done without stops. And this is important, because your brain at this time may be busy with his tasks.

Similar systems in our lives set. Moreover, they can be nested in one another. As matryoshka.

How to create a system

The main thing is to choose the right item that will be the basis of your system one-two-three. It must be an element of (Un) from a list of your automatic habits.

Item Two - it's the action that you are more or less regularly execute after the action Once

. But the element of Three - just your new habit that you want to implement into your life

. For example, in the morning listening to motivational books. This habit is very well connected to your morning jog, if you run in the morning. So it is with learning a foreign language. Once you tie it all together, without audio player from the house you will not leave.

Be sure to tie a knot in his inside on the action Once that is established system. Then your subconscious mind will know that at this point it is necessary to perform three steps rather than one or two. Subsequently, as soon as you begin to perform the first action, and forget about the new habit, your subconscious mind immediately will signal to you that your system is not complete.

How long should you keep track of the new system? According to the latest scientific data, the formation of (implementation) of new habits and its consolidation occurs within three months (number three again!).

If you survived this period, you can safely let a new habit in independent swimming, because it has already been formed. And on the basis of elements can be created once the new system, introducing into their lives a new habit. For example, if you want three times a day to read the affirmations, you can attach them to a three way to work - Lunch - Homeward

. Author: Hope Vvedenskaya


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