Notes. I do not know what day again.

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As you can see, I'm quite grown lazy. I do not consider any day or night. I thought it was absolutely pointless. and most of all - so it is. but like everything else. but I will not filosovstvovat. just I talk to you today. here is a simple desire - to talk. in one direction. without recoil.

Today I sat and remembered us. and not only. just today some nostalgic day. and you know, I remembered where it all went. Now you would be certainly difficult to trace the course of my thoughts, but it all started with that figure. When I think of you and draw, to draw on the work of drawing pen, which absolutely had nothing to do with art. though, when I look at the modern masterpieces, even I feel like a completely nothing) but I remember this picture. I gave you on the A4. with the caption: "This is what are you doing with my belly") You know, I was surprised when, after three years, I found that the package in your car? No, you can not even imagine. as well as have no idea what I see every time I pick up from the feet to the kitchen emerges crayons non-existent worlds. but every time I saw you looking at me. perhaps it was the most beautiful: we spied one after the other) and each pretended he did not see) we caught moments and happy. it is so good. and then, you know, I started to draw. no scenery, no people, no person. but just what it is called and responds in me. feeling the flow emmotsii. it is good that you then just looked at me. well, that is not broke, and gave inspiration. you gave originally, but I've always understood.

I remembered how moved you. how brazenly, in your shirt again climbed to his feet on the windowsill, and simply said: I can I will stay here? your "course" was a gift to me. and we then still close and some were not. and, as it were known that get along. and we get along. strange. I think people often make up one's mind itself is too complex mechanisms, instead of just seeing a person and understand that it would be desirable to live. and that the main thing: to tell him about it. I think the world would be a much easier by this. and what a difference that will be then. that was presented over the years - it is priceless

. Today I was thinking about taking care. about love. about us, about them, about music and happiness. what it is. I feel happy person. and in the eyes of others - I-pechalische sadness. and it's so funny. that everyone needs is his own, in his own way or at all. and each chooses. and I was scared of the fact that many people care about their homes, homes, furniture, and not live. here today and have 5 days to me from this terrible. even cry. but you know what I hypersensitivity. will take place.

Especially now I have a tiny fresh energy. you will laugh - but I took the kitten. like my mother - and her husband rejected. Now we have a whole family) and already want to take it) my cats like it pleases), but I'll give it no longer. she is mine, I will not give it to anyone. because it is a living being, which, believe me, and I - in it. and it has even licked my eyes. How can you then give it at all? going to bottle feed, but give hell, you know me :)

I miss you. in the same way as on the sea. in the same way as usual miss living something. reach out - that's it. but a lot of worries. so do not ...


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