Traveling from cancer diagnosis to good health

Chris Carr talks about his journey from cancer diagnosis to good health and its transition to a diet based on plant.

Translation briefly ...

My name is Chrissy Carr. In 2003, I was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma. I visited four different clinics to communicate with different doctors and they all said different things. All were nonsensical. The only sane advice of the doctor - watch and wait. Someone gave me a good book - diet and cancer. And since I was two years markobioticheskoy diet, it really helped me. Later I started to practice a raw food diet. And then I have achieved amazing results. Initially I took a complete diagnosis every two months. Now I have 5 years on a raw food diet ... with the time, watching my improvement, I began to increase the intervals between diagnostkoy. At the moment, I spend it once a year. The results are already stable ...

... Then what I eat before - it was a standard American food ... I went through a radical transformation in food ... The first thing I learned, in fact, you are not only what you eat, but what you drink and what you're thinking. It defines your life. As for food, first of all I became 100% vegan. I removed all of meat products, as well as all semi-finished products. At first I saw a lot of fresh juices, made delicious smoothies and salads ... they gave me energy, and does not make me tired ... Overall it's been 5 years since I eat mostly raw plant-based foods. I drink a lot of juice and I feel fantastic!
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Prisala Irina Troshina
Translated Denis Shakhman


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