And what if the very day today?

One day I ran into a friend. The last time we saw 5 years ago. And I met him very suddenly. And it's very casual. And it is so familiar, with whom the university together we laughed in the back row and solve crossword puzzles. I mean, I see it was very happy. Very.

And he is beautiful, good jokes. And I have such a hard week was - went to bed late, not getting enough sleep. And I listen to what he has in life happens, smile and think to myself: "What have I done, well, that's what I done .. that still stood up early today and head washed!!ยป

We do in life a lot of things happening suddenly, a lot of things accidental.

Just imagine, if at birth we received a special envelope. This envelope would have to be open when you turn 18 years old. For example.

And in this day gather all your relatives and friends. All elegant and fun. You too. Mum and dad say it. What do you remember one more thing takusenkogo, and now the time has come and open the envelope. Maybe even a little cry. Mom exactly.

You blow out candles on a birthday cake, and took out an envelope printed letter. And it is written:

March 12, 2016 you will meet her future husband.

January 15, 2017 will receive a job offer of your dreams.

February 5, 2017 will know that you will become a mother.

Well, a lot of such dates is written. The day when you buy your first home. When you meet a close friend. When zavedesh dog. When by chance you find cheap flights to the country of their dreams. Other good days in total.

You stand out these days with a red marker on the wall calendar, and will wait for them eagerly.

So, you go to bed and know that tomorrow is the same day. And you fall asleep in the wonderful anticipation.

From morning to jump on the first ring the alarm, look happily out the window and say the new day: "Hello," then a little dancing before a mirror in his underwear. Maybe even sing. You put a beautiful, favorite clothes, with pleasure drink flavored coffee. Lipstick gloss cherry shade, smiling in the mirror, because all will be well today. You know exactly what will happen today, something great!

But we do not get this envelope at birth or in the next day. I, at least, it is definitely not. And thank God. All wonderful happens to me suddenly and accidentally. And I will never advance do not know how and when.


What if he woke up in the morning, decide that this day - today? What is it today I was waiting for something amazing? Suppose I do not know for sure. What if you jump out of bed today joyful? Today, a new day to say "Hello" Today wear your favorite clothes. Lipstick gloss with cherry flavor. Smile in the mirror.

Well, just you never know. All of a sudden?

Author: Olga Demidyuk
Illustration of thumbs: Nastya Alum



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