Today I called the wrong number and accidentally sent my dad the message

1. Today going to a family dinner, I was completely broken. I was recently dumped by my boyfriend. I sat in the back seat of the car my parents together with my younger brother, we always fight and swear. He saw the tears in my eyes, took my hand and didn't let go of my hand until we got to the restaurant.

2. Today I won the case, which lasted a very long time. 14 months ago I learned that my neighbor regularly beats his dog. I stole it and they arrested me. I spent on litigation a lot of money, but today, falling asleep and feeling in my legs, the heat of my faithful shaggy friend, I realized that all was not in vain.

3. Today, two days after the funeral of my husband, I received a bouquet of flowers which he ordered last week. The bouquet was enclosed a note: “Even if the cancer wins, I want you to know you're the girl of my dreams.”

4. Long as I can remember, my dad rises at five in the morning to cook my mom Breakfast. He works at home, so he doesn't have to get up so early, but he says it's his favorite time of day because he sees his mother's smile.

5. In the headphones today I went to work, when someone touched me on the shoulder, I looked up and saw a girl like two drops of water similar to me. We got to talking and it turned out that she and I adopted. It was my twin sister. We were picked up from the orphanage quite young, so we didn't remember each other. It's so nice to unexpectedly find his own person.

6. Today I called the wrong number and accidentally sent my dad the message “I love you” meant to my husband. In a few minutes in response came the message: “I love you too. Dad.”. It was very touching. We so rarely tell each other these words.

7. I'm a recovering addict. I clean the last 9 months is the longest period for which I was ever capable of. Last night I had a dream as if I was offered a new drug, but I refused. When I woke up, well about my heart it was very easy from the fact that I broke up with my old isnude in dreams.

8. Today my grandpa was going through photos and came across a very old picture, where he, along with my grandmother, who died a few years ago, dancing at a party. He hugged me and said, “Remember, even if something lasts forever, it does not mean that it is not worth your time.”

9. Today my little brother came into my room, and I shouted to him that he went out, not even looking at him. When I turned to him I saw that he had in his hands a plate of cherries, which he washed and cleaned for me.

10. Today my daughter came home from school and asked me to find a website where you can learn sign language. When I asked why she needed it, she said that in their school there was a new girl, she is deaf and only knows sign language, so she is not someone to talk to.

11. Today, when I last time came out of our shared apartment, I was walking home and I needed to switch 64 songs on my iPad before I found a song that wouldn't remind me of her.

12. Today our family gathered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my daughter. We were laughing and talking about old times and my wife recalled that as a child, my daughter always called me her hero, and she turned to me and said, “You're still my main character”.

13. Today I lost at school your wallet and never expected that the biggest bully and punk from high school come back to me safe and sound.

14. In our school, as in any other, is the most popular girl. She's an incredibly beautiful and smart and all the boys are ready to very much, if only she had paid attention to them, but she spends time with only one guy – with his younger brother with autism.

15. Today in the store I saw a little girl pulls out hand dirty, scary man. I went over and asked her if she was familiar with this man. She said no and began to cry. Then I screamed on the whole store that this man is the kidnapper, he approached the guard. Parents of the girl called over the loudspeaker, it turns out they were in the other room and lost it. Scary to think what could happen if no one raised the alarm.

16. Today I got out of the subway and noticed that behind me there is a group of young people suspicious. When they caught up to me, I was ready to part with the wallet, but it turns out I already dropped it in the subway car and they chased me to return it to me.

17. Today my classmate, which I really like, dumped her boyfriend. He did that in front of everyone at the school porch, as if specially wanted to humiliate her. But he regretted it, because she replied, “Thank you for the opportunity to find someone better than you.”

18. Today at school I got a note from the boy, who all consider local freak. He's a loner, dresses weird and wears her hair in incredible colors. The note was written: “I like your smile, but I noticed you rarely smile, and I noticed cuts on your hands. I too have suffered from depression and know what it is. If you want to talk, let's meet in the evening. My phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx”. We met in the evening and talked for a long time and when I got home I didn't want to hurt myself, I didn't feel like crying, depression is gone.

19. At the airport today I sat next to a woman who accompanied her daughter. They hugged for a very long time and kept saying that they love each other. Suddenly one of the daughters noticed that I was watching them and said to me: “Recently, my dad got on a plane and never came back, it crashed. Now we know how important it is to constantly talk to loved ones about your feelings.”

20. I'm a musician, but my band is not very popular. Sometimes I wonder – why am I doing this and today I got the answer. After the concert I was approached by a young boy and said, “Thank you so much, your music really helps me. I'm not the most popular guy in school, I often bullied my peers. But then I come home, turn on all your songs and sing along, that is strength. And it makes me feel better.”

21. In my house there was a fire, about which I will remind the scars on my face. Now two months have passed since I got back to school after hospitalization and these two months every day someone pins to my locker a red rose. I even tried to come to class early to find out who's doing it, but rose had always been there.

22. Today we were brought to the hospital a little girl who was in an accident. She needed a rare blood group. Came to the hospital her parents and twin brother who had the same rare group as she. I explained to him that his sister needed blood and it was a matter of life and death. He thought about something for a second, and then said goodbye to his parents, went with me to the house. When we'd finished with him and I told him that he can relax, he suddenly asked me: “How? Did I not die?” That is, in the moment when he agreed to donate his blood, he was sure it would kill him. But for the sake of the sisters, he was ready to give life.

23. Today my boyfriend and I were sitting in a cafe and I noticed that every time someone walks by, he leans over to me and kisses me on the cheek. I asked him why he does it, and he smiled and said that he wants everyone to know that I'm his girlfriend. We both lost our spouses about ten years ago. They were sick with cancer. But we were able to love again. Everyone has a second chance.

24. My sister, who suffers from down syndrome, enrolled in a school talent contest. Day after day she carefully studied the words of the song were going to perform. I was very afraid that the students laughed at her, because children are very often ill. But when she came on the scene in the hall of silence, and after her speech, the applause did not cease.

25. Today, two years later, after I was told that I can't walk, I rose from the wheelchair and took two steps into the arms of his wife.

26. Today, one of the regular visitors of our cafe – an elderly man who for over 5 years goes to dinner with us left me with a 500 dollar tip and a note: “Thank you, Cheryl. Your sweet smile and hospitable service over the years puts me in the mood every morning. I'm moving in with son and his family to another area and will no longer be able to have Breakfast by you. Let your life be magical.”

27. I always wear driving. But today I had to get maps out of the glove box and I undid the seat belt. When I got down from the truck, who was standing at the traffic lights in front of me, had a long aluminum tube. She broke the windshield and smashed right into the driver's seat, right in the spot where a moment ago was my head. A policeman arrived on the scene for a long time amazed at how lucky I am.

28. Today the boy of the football team in the middle of practice burst into tears of joy, and exclaiming: “Papa”, ran into the arms of his father, who just returned from Afghanistan and immediately came to the school to see son.

29. I work as an accountant in the network of restaurants. Besides me our company employs several hundred people. The crisis significantly affected the number of customers and revenues, but not one employee was not dismissed. And not one of them knows the owner of the network for six months of not receiving his salary.

30. Today when I was sitting on a bench in the Park, I saw an elderly couple. They stopped the car under an old oak tree, included jazz music and began to dance a slow dance. They held hands and stared at each other. Then they got back in the car and left.

31. Today I caught a taxi, but on reaching the place found that I forgot my wallet and I do not what to pay. Then the man ran to a taxi to take my place, paid for me. I asked him how I could repay him and he gave me a business card with the address with the words: “You can leave them here.” When in the evening I arrived at the address, I saw that the building of the charity Fund.

32. This morning I saw a homeless man with cardboard in his hands, where instead of the usual “Give money” was written “Give me your smile”.

33. Today I had a conversation with my thirteen year old younger brother about the recent divorce of our parents. I asked him if he sad that they no longer love each other, to which he replied: “I think just now they are more like each other when they are not together.”

34. Today at a rock concert, I saw a woman who looked about eighty years old. She was jumping and dancing like she's eighteen.

35. Today on the street a complete stranger tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You just imagine, if you weren't, the world would be completely different”.

36. Today, my 85-year-old neighbor heard me complain about the road near our house and thinking, said, “Is this road bad? When I was young, the roads here were made of dirt.”

37. Today, on my birthday I received an envelope which had my wallet, lost me last week. Money, license and registration were in place. And in it was enclosed a note: “happy Birthday!”.

38. Today in line at the “Photo on documents” I have met 90-year-old woman. She had a photo on the passport, because its the 91st to the birthday party she was going to meet, participating in the African Safari.

39. Today I received a letter from my husband. He is in another country. The letter said: “I don't miss you, I miss you”. I've never heard such language, but I understood very well how he feels.

40. I'm 22 years old and I've recently learned that I will never be able to have children. I used to say I didn't want to be a mother, but now I cry every time I see the store children's products, because I have no choice now.

41. Today me and my son on the street caught heavy rain. We have already prepared to get soaked when a guy from a passing car gave us an umbrella.

42. Today I accompanied my son to school and on the way he met his former classmate, which I do all the time bullied in childhood. When he saw me, he was very happy, hugged me and said I look great.


WHY is it better to say nice wordsWhy cats bring a host of home of slain mice43. Today on the road I saw a funny situation. The driver of the car was thrown out the garbage, and the motorcyclist, who was riding behind him, and lifted him up. At the next stop light, a motorcyclist knocked on the car window and handed the driver his garbage back.

44. Recently lost my cousin. He served in the army, participated in the military actions, fought for his country, and a couple weeks ago he was hit by a drunk driver.published





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