How to keep youth with the power?

On the people's desire to preserve youth beauty industry is earning a lot of money. There are excellent results, and unsuccessful operations. Anti-aging creams often contain artificial hormones that first give a good result, and eventually the old skin. It is clear that these methods rejuvenate only externally "fake image", so to speak.

What to eat to keep youth?
According to recent studies, our main helpers in this delicate matter - a natural antioxidant. These include vitamins C, E, A, minerals zinc and selenium, and most importantly - flavonoids, otherwise referred to as bioflavonoids. Anti-aging food should revive as natural compounds, rich in antioxidants. Such a diet will not only help save the youth, but also prevent the development of very serious diseases such as cancer diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

The big problem of modern power - is the lack of fresh plant foods in the diet (and not from case to case), plus the deteriorating quality of fruit and vegetables in stores and markets. In nature, there is all that is required for a person's health and even plants and fruits have long been studied, scientists discover new useful properties.

For example, lycopene, which is found in tomatoes and other red vegetables, has powerful antioxidant properties and may even stop the development of atherosclerosis. There are studies proving its anti-Cancer effect.

In the last decade, scientists from different countries are actively exploring resveratrol (from the peel of red grapes) and predicting a bright future as a panacea for many human diseases.

Italian and Spanish scientists observed the volunteers who each day ate 500 g strawberries. A month later, blood tests showed that significantly improved the antioxidant properties of blood plasma. Scientists believe that antioxidants in strawberries, can really slow down the aging process.

It is proved that sulforaphane substance found in some varieties of cabbage (Chinese, color, cabbage, broccoli) has antidiabetic, anticancer and antibacterial action.

In medicine, it is known that green and yellow leafy vegetables (corn, spinach) improve the condition of the organs of vision, reduce the risk of age-related degeneration of the retina and cataracts.

Known sources of bioflavonoids are considered to be black currant, pepper, prunes, horsetail, buckwheat, grapefruit, apricots, cherries, grapes, oranges, lemons, berries, hawthorn and elder.

Unfortunately, the choice of what to eat, we often follow their taste habits, rather than common sense and knowledge about which foods help keep youth. It is therefore important from childhood to form the right attitude to food. But the children will repeat the pattern of behavior of their parents, and not to listen to what they say about the use of certain products. Do you want your children to grow up healthy, and you save youth and health, go to the correct healthy diet themselves.

Well, no one has canceled reasonable physical activity! It increases metabolism, speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body, rejuvenates the cells and tissues.


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