At age 18, she weighed 120 Kg - Now It Works Fitness Trainer!

In 18 years, Conner Rensch (Conner Rensch) Nebraska weighed 120 kg, and she fell under the classification of people with obesity. Because of the excess weight at a young age Conner often suffered ridicule and bullying by bullies at school. At age 19, she decided to declare war on the extra kilos and sought the help of a dietitian and fitness trainer.

Within two years, Conner Rensch managed to lose 60 kg, which is half of the weight of her body during the period of the worst forms of

"Overeating and shame led me to more weight gain and made me even more unhappy" - wrote Conner

The first thing she refused to processed foods and start to exercise regularly, which include kickboxing, cardio and lifting

iron For the first 3 weeks she lost 10 kg, which gave a strong impetus to move forward

Now the 26-year-old Conner weighs 60 kg, and a fitness trenerom

In 2015 she first publicly put on a bikini and began to publish their photos on the internet. At this point her profile in Instagram has more than 50 thousand podpischikov

Conner on fitness competitions

From last 'fat' life at Conner were huge stretch marks on the abdomen. But unlike other girls she was proud of them, as they are for her a reminder of who she was and what she dobilas

"I'm so proud of my scars and stretch marks, because they have their own history and are a reminder of how much I went through," - said Conner

In spite of the huge changes in the exterior of the girl he said that the biggest change occurred in her head, through which she learned to be kind to sebe

Conner manages to maintain weight through a balanced diet and regular physical training. But she also does not forget to pamper yourself occasionally, regularly arranging themselves so-called chitmily

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