"After Bullets" - National Photoproject About survivors Boomstick

It is only in the movie the main character, riddled in several places, weakly smiling and waving goodbye to a happy End, so that everyone is clear: all will be well with him. In real life firearms tend to divide life into "before" and "after." Unless, of course, survived.

Photographer Kathy Shorr took off from the United States across the country shot down at the age of 8 to 80 years. These people have suffered far away from combat zones, performing daily tasks in a very civilized places.

National photo project SHOT ( «to shoot») Schorr wants to invite to a dialogue about how appropriate resolution for personal weapons in the country.

Antonius was shot in 2013 on a busy Brooklyn street. Shooter methyl is not in it, and his ex-girlfriend.

Karine was 16 when she accidentally fell from a passing car. She was standing with friends in the building of their school.

This happened in 1994 in Louisiana. 13-year-old Sarah was sitting in my mother's car when he stole the offender. He brought the girl in a field, raped. Then told to kneel down and count to ten. The offender attempted to execute Sarah, but she survived after being shot.

Marlies shlopotal bullet from her husband. He was aiming for the heart. The couple lived together in '41.

Marlies from California. This happened in 1999.

The Shirley shot her ex-husband when she took away his daughters from the kindergarten. He had two guns and fired 14 times. Former military released on bail of 25 thousand dollars. This happened in 2014 in Indiana.

In 2015, Chris was sitting in his car, parked near the house in Delaware. He was shot four times.

The former in-law Phillip shot that killed his wife and left one of his paralyzed daughter. Before the shooter himself put a bullet in the forehead, three and three wounded were killed. This happened in 2013 in Louisiana.

Jonah who was shot in the face in search of the offender, before that killed two people. The policeman lives in Illinois. This happened in 2006.

Bryan - one of those in 2013 wounded the shooter opened fire at Los Angeles airport


In Shanessu of Virginia shooting boyfriend's sister in 2014. Then, in 2015, friends of the attacker, who at that time was under investigation, once again tried to kill her.

Karim was shot on Father's Day in 1995 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Janine received a bullet from her husband when she told him that their marriage has exhausted itself. It happened in New York in 2013.

Reverend Ellis of Atlanta, Georgia, was wounded in 1997 during an armed robbery of a gas station.

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