Non-lethal weapons

On the shelves of gun shops there are more beautiful pieces of iron, designed to protect us. Do rescued in difficult times lethal weapon?

Gopnik - rational people, the extra problems they do not need:

hit from behind on the head and well off man suffers nadolgo.Posle this gets a couple of kicks and loses all value.

The bottom serious health problems and severe stress. It happens almost always. But there are cases
when the attackers faced with strong and determined man. Recently, there was an accident with my friend who lives in Moscow. He had a strong resistance and was stabbed in the stomach. The attackers caught a week later, they were three minors.
It would be a weapon, the final incident would have been different!
By "non-lethal" weapons (NO) refers to weapons, the principle of action is based on the time (from several seconds to hours), depriving the enemy the ability to independently perform coordinated in time and space without serious action of residual lesions in the body of the victim.


Domestic legislation does not provide for the population armament short firearms. Hunting rifles can be kept at home and in the car to transport non-combat state korotkostvol prohibited. It's probably for the better: the culture of handling weapons we have certainly not above driving culture. But the choice of non-lethal weapons is now quite broad: from cans with an extract of red pepper and CR system to "kick", tubeless traumatic gun "Wasp" and numerous desyatimillimetrovyh rezinostrelnyh and nine pistols and revolvers. Statistics of use of these products is quite extensive.

The effectiveness of non-lethal weapons is directly related to the quality of the threat. Against the firearms it is powerless - it is better not to irritate the attackers view object resembling a gun. Very spopno its application against an aggressive drunken company: five or six people do not always stop and lead bullets. It can help fight off two or three not very prepared people. And the success of self-defense does not depend only on what you have in your pocket.

It is worth remembering that the ersatz weapon - a useful addition to the hands and feet of the owner. Gas does not operate at all: spray is effective only when a sudden application. "Blow", throws a substantial portion of the liquefied gas, under certain conditions, can fold - there were times when the enemy did not notice that it got. And the most controversial self-defense products are those that look the most menacing: a pocket-like "Katyusha" "Wasp" and rezinostrelnye copies combat pistols.

From three meters or at close range?
"Wasp" could kill. When injected into the head is guaranteed, if not death, serious injury: in a massive "wasp" bullets heavy metal bars. The bones of the skull "Wasp" breaks as well as the board, but when it gets into the muscles of stopping the effect is not too large. The energy of the bullet "Wasps' 80-85 joules, but its speed is low, small and painful shock. It's kind of remote Knuckles: beat them senseless body and mind - it is dangerous.


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