Unusual photo projects Erwin Olaf

Sharp as a razor art photographer Erwin Olaf unprepared viewers sometimes plunges into a lasting state of terror, because amazing and shocking pictures of the place does not really look like the work of other photographers. Something they really are. Emotional visualization on the height, as well as non-traditional style of provocative photographer. For the first time the work of Olaf were appreciated in 1988, when he received the first prize of the European Youth Photography Festival, and now he is a true master who carefully consider each project. The whole essence of modern life, where chaos reigns, is reflected in the photographs by Erwin Olaf.

Photoproject number 1

Old age - that's the grave for women. (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

Photo project number 2

Mask - not a sign of duplicity, it is an attempt to protect the soul. (Author unknown)

Photoproject number 3

All parts of the body should be in a mutual agreement. This allows you to perform a particular action. (Claudius Galen)

Photoproject number 4

To commit suicide - then break the rules of courtesy, the Lord stood by without an invitation. (Lord Denning)

Photoproject number 5

Loneliness - the most severe torture, the heaviest meal. (Paulo Coelho)

Photoproject number 6

Let the parties are getting longer, let skirts are getting shorter, let all going to hell - if only everyone had fun! (Chicago (Chicago)


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