Photo projects of the year

22 cool ideas about which we wrote in this godu.V throughout the year Editorial to tell you about the most exciting photo projects. Some of them caused a flurry of enthusiastic responses, the other bitter dispute among the supporters and opponents of the author, and the third well at all changed someone's life.

In this collection we have gathered our most interesting ideas that come to mind for photographers around the world.

The most beautiful family albom

Sculptor Lebual in 2007 discovered the language of photography and decided that this is the ideal means of storytelling. It was then that he decided to tell his family. Six children (2 sons and 4 daughters) and his wife living with him in a small house in the southwest of France.

Photo project length of 36 let

It was 1975, the year when Nicholas Nixon photographed his wife Bebe and her three sisters. Simple and at the same time, a romantic family picture very much and sisters, and photographer. They gave each other a promise, even if fate scattered them to different corners of the world every year to meet and make a family photo. And every year for 36 years, they restrained him.

Aging with vkusom

His models he meets on the streets of New York. The youngest of them 59, and the oldest - 102 years. They know that true beauty is timeless, and the taste and style over the years only get thinner. Heroines pictures Ari Seth Cohen, do not hide your age, do not hide the gray hair, and do not spend money on plastic surgery. They go through life with head held high, and from them it is impossible to look away.

Friendship with pelenok

Theo - an eight charming puppy, who was taken from a shelter for dogs. Since then, Theo moved into a new house, he craved attention and human friendship, he chose one best friend - a two-year Bo. On the third day, Theo joined Little Bo while he slept and dozed with him until the boy woke up. Since then Theo and Bo every day, spend quiet time together.

Beautiful body

Early last year, Bill Jade, a young mother of Arizona Tucson, went to his studio, undressed, took the hand of his month old baby and made a series of self-portraits. In the pictures, she saw an unfamiliar body - roundness, which was not before pregnancy, stretch marks and wrinkles. And then Jade has published a photo in his blog, in order to show the other side of motherhood, which the media often overlook.

The world from the perspective of an autistic

Ely was always a child living in a certain rhythm of his, only he understands. He could spend hours contemplating the door of the vacuum cleaner hoses, mechanical drives. He copied many of the sounds for a long time, learned by heart schedule of high-speed trains. When Theo was 5 years old, his father, Timothy Archibald that somehow understood his son and talk to him, he decided to do a joint photo shooting boy in the angles and positions, which he asked Eli.

Mirror all pomnit

Photographer Tom Hussey from Dallas touched a chord created photo series in which older people look at themselves in the mirror and see the reflection of himself in his youth. It's very simple ... and fleeting, is not it? Once each of us will feel like a hero this series.

An incredible love story of two photographers

Aaron - young and creative photographer who lives in America. Rosie is also a photographer, but living in the UK. By accident, they noticed each other on the Internet. Young people began to closely monitor the work of each other, which resulted in mutual sympathy. And then there was a simply incredible thing lovers do come up with a joint photograph, while at the same time for the 7000 kilometers apart.

Women before 10 am

For several years the photographer Veronique Vial shoots famous women in the morning. It just came to the house of one celebrity and began shooting. No make-up artists, assistants and extra light. It gave naturalness, and no one had to be specially pose.

Little girl and kot

The girl and the cat can not help falling in love "grown wise" experiences a huge gray cat, and direct the child who still wonder together create some inexpressible words mood of childhood when every day for us being accomplished discovery.

If Dad photographer: renaissance for docheri

Australian self-taught photographer Bill Gekas created a gallery of portraits of his five year old daughter in the style of old paintings. All they imitate paintings by Dutch, Flemish and Italian masters of the 17th century - such as Rembrandt, Rubens and Caravaggio.

The reverse side of the parent lyubvi

Photographer Anna Radchenko explores this question in the project on maternal love, which sometimes becomes a phantasmagoric and bears no resemblance to love. Photos cause mixed feelings, images and grotesque exaggeration of the idea of ​​doing the obvious and often - repulsive.

Window Women spalnyu

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, from a girl in Dubai, whose head is completely covered with a scarf for religious reasons, to the couple in Rio de Janeiro. From home to Haiti without water and electricity to the luxuriously furnished rooms in China, the creators of the "Mirrors and Windows" Gabriele Galimberti and Edward Delisle held a tour of the places where the common man admitted.

People with complex rodoslovnoy

In his project "melting cauldron" Stanislav Ma tried to show that the more blood is mixed in one person, the person of his colorful and interesting. No less attractive faces of the people in the body where blood flows only one, especially Tatar, Russian, and the list goes on.

Take my hand, follow mnoy

Mysterious Stranger holding you by the hand and leads the matter much, because she is beautiful. This is an unusual, exciting and infinitely beautiful project, "Follow me," Murad Haussmann.

Best father mire

If you look in the family archive, each of us finds approximately the same set of baby pictures here we are in bed, here in the pot, that's in the hands of moms and dads ... And the daughter of an American photographer Dave Engledou will clearly be one of the most original children's albums in the world .

Creative mama

Interestingly, babies have dreams? Mother of three boys Queenie Liao sure they see. They dream of bright colored tales and fascinating journey. When her youngest son sleep Wengen, the photographer creates from toys, clothes and all that is at hand house decoration to your pictures. The project is called "Wengen in Wonderland" and carries a sleeping baby in his mother invented a fabulous adventure.

Weekly usual diet semi

American photographer Peter Menzel for several years traveled around the globe and everywhere filmed only one story: the average family in the background of the products purchased for the week. Menzel tried to choose the most typical family country - average income, number of children, employment and lifestyle. The results of "research" photos were merged into the project "Hungry Planet».

Modern Maugli

Tippi Degré was born in Africa, in a family of French wildlife photographers and spent his childhood is very unusual. The ten-age girl studied African bushes, crawling on all fours. Africa has been her home for ten years, allowing Tippy friends with predatory animals, and the aboriginal tribes of Namibia.

Know where you stoish

Each place has its own history. This idea photographer Seth Taras as the basis of its unique photo project "Know where you stand," made for an advertising campaign of the historical channel The History Channel. Everything is simple and complicated at the same time - the photographer took pictures of the documentary and combined them with modern personnel, but at a certain angle, to achieve the effect of presence.

Farewell foto

Photographer Sarah Beth all his free time photographing pays pets. Once she visited the hospice, where she met with Joan - a terminally ill woman, the meaning of life which was her Labrador - Joe. Sarah saw the dog worries about his mistress, trying to help her in every way. And it is so touched by the girl that this meeting inspired her to a separate project.



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