Broneodezhda and bulletproof vests

Immediately it should be noted that the selection of a suitable and reliable "wetsuit" is not easy. Most of the first time faced with the need to comply with increased security believe that the proposed domestic and foreign market armor to protect against any bullets. I think that this article will cause seriously think of those who, putting on the vest, he considers himself invincible. First, the proposed types of body armor. Conventionally, we divide them into police and army and security.

Clashes law enforcement officers and security guards with armed criminals have become the norm, so important is the need for quality broneodezhde. Statistical data on the situation in Russia suggest the use of criminals mainly pistols TT systems and "Makarov».

These circumstances, as well as knowledge about the prevalence of bullets with steel core and the thermal hardening, take into account the Russian research institutes SRI steel NIISTU Interior Ministry) and private production companies (Fort Technology, «Armo-com," "Armiks" and others). For the police and security services are primarily designed vests 1 and 2, the level of protection.

Main specifications vests (Russian State Standard) Level 1 are: protection from bullets Makarov pistol, weight from 2 to 3, 5 kg, flexible armor inserts. For example, the vest "Lemon Vb» (Fort Teshnology), slightly higher than the first level, weighs just 1 kg and 2 also protects the machine from falling bullets Uzi.

Main characteristics vests two levels of protection: the armor include hard armor elements withstand bullet PSM and TT, by weight of 2, 2 to 6, 2 kg. The most famous "Armor" - "Visit-M", developed by the Research Institute of the Russian Federation began. This model weighs about 3, 5 kg, has a protective area of ​​30-35 square decimeter, protects against cold steel.

Operational vest Fort Raid (protection level 2) with a soft bronesloem specifically designed for protection against high-speed bullet with a sharp steel tip. "Raid" is not afraid of bullets TT pistol (with a steel core), a Makarov pistol bullets (steel core) and even a 9-millimeter submachine gun bullets "Wedge».

High reliability in accordance with Russian standards have body armor and concealable Fort Defender, he stops 9mm bullets Stechkin automatic pistol and submachine gun "Cobra" and bullets Ragabellum and Uzi submachine gun caliber 9 mm Full Metal Jacket. In addition, Defender is provided as a broneodezhda by bayonet-knife "Kalashnikov" and other bladed weapons,

It is worth to mention the flak jacket "Prohor", constructed at the Research Institute began. He easily concealable body armor and reliably protects from bumps sharpening, knife and nunchaku.

Starting with 3 levels of protection vests can protect against bullets fired from a Kalashnikov, point to some popular models. Thus, the "visit-2M" (SRI steel) heavy (6, 2-6, 8 kg), but protects against AKM and the 74 and bladed weapons. The area of ​​his protective armor - 30-35 square decimeter. Incidentally, the same "fortovsky» Read, reinforced metal panels, protects the chest and abdomen by bullets with a core of hardened steel AK-74 (caliber 5, 45 mm) with a shot at it.

For a more complete display of protective body armor features worth mentioning about the products Ekaterinburg Company "Armikc." Body armor of the same name have been tested in NIISTU Interior Ministry. So, products "Armiks" (3 and 4 levels of protection) to protect against attack by bullets of pistols and submachine guns of all types.

These vests uneasy and lead bullets 12 caliber hunting rifles firing at any distance. "Armiks" makes vests and 5 degree of protection that can withstand bullets AKM and AK-74 from a distance of 5 meters, however, in addition to the thermal hardening of the bullet core.

If in Russia the production of body armor for the civilian population began relatively recently, the western producers for decades develop and implement a model of high-strength fibers.

Brand fiber "Kevlar" was invented in 1965 by an American corporation "Dupont". Kevlar - it aramid synthetic fiber, it is, according to developers, is five times stronger than steel at the same weight. Since the 1990s, the firm "Dupont" produces vests higher strength - Kevlar Ht (Kevlar 129) and Kevlar KM 2.

More details should also talk about Kevlar series models. For example, a special penitentiary (ie prison) vest will protect prison staff from the cutting and thrusting. The vest consists of several layers of Kevlar fibers and also protects from bumps and razor. A vest lightness (about 1 to 4 kg) and enable flexibility concealable.

Police Kevlar "sleeve" of the AS series is cut out of the treated layers of Kevlar and is able to withstand handgun bullets Parabellum with Metal Jacket 9mm. Almost 25% of the so-called dropped zapregradnoe impact (what it is, we still talk) in contact with Magnum pistol bullets. This jacket weight in the 2, 5 kg protects from bumps and machetes.

Since 1980, the American company "Akzo Nobel" (board of Group company located in the Netherlands) produces jackets aramid fiber Twaron. Vests from Twaron lighter, softer and more flexible, which allows more freedom of movement without sacrificing ballistic. About Twaron aramid fiber as evidenced by the fact that the policeman helmet made of this fabric can withstand a 9-mm Parabellum pistol bullet with a speed of 420 m / s at the time of impact.


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