Interesting facts about animals

American biologists understand why most cats do not like sweets. It turns out cats, both wild and domestic, there is no gene that allows to feel the sweet taste.

Canadian zoologists first observed playing an octopus. He caught tentacles floating in the water empty bottle, let go of it, giving the sail a little adrift, caught again and again let go.

Small river crustaceans gammarus can feel the sense of smell the presence of trout feed on them, even when the fish is downstream.

Twenty-five grams of onion can be a lethal dose for a medium-sized dog. The dog, after eating onions in any form, is literally bursting red blood cells. Specific compounds of sulfur, disulfides contained in onions, cause haemolysis - the destruction of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Why do people eat onions with impunity, it is not clear.

American biologists have deduced mice with a keen sense of smell. Oddly enough, this does not have to add some mice the gene, and remove one of the existing ones. If you disable the gene Kv1.3, smell intensified in 1000-10 000 times.

Location of hair on the face of a bull, as it turned out, talks about his temperament. If the helix typical of many bulls, is high on the forehead or not at all, it is nervous and aggressive animals. On the contrary, the bulls with swirls, located between the eyes and below are generally very calm.

Manatees (aquatic mammals) have the structure of the vocal apparatus, allowing them to speak like humans, but do not have the appropriate hearing.

Rats can be taught to distinguish between the two languages ​​at the hearing. In particular, the rats were able to distinguish Dutch from the Japanese.

The average IQ of a normal person 100 graduates, graduated with honors from the University, - 120-125. French biologists measured the IQ of an oyster. It turned out to be 2-3 units.

Hunters know that the phase is difficult to hurt: it protects the unusually strong and resilient plumage. British police are considering switching to a pheasant feather vests. Several layers of pheasant feathers cheaper and weigh much less than a conventional armor of synthetic fiber Kevlar.


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