When a woman wants only for others ...

"When a woman wants only to others, its energy system will not start, the energy in the creation of material well-being does not come.

♡ Why?

Because our subtle body can not want what it does not fill.
If it is not filled, then it takes power.
If it takes power, then it is dangerous for a woman's life.
If life-threatening - the process of opening the energy will not start because of self-preservation mode has not been canceled.

Modern women sometimes still bypass mode of preservation of life, since many programs are running with the birth of self-destruction. And achieve goals for others (husband / children / parents), but then it's just compensated from their relationship or health.

It took me too, when I worked for free, doing consultations. I drove myself to the horrible anemia, giving life and not getting anything in return.

Therefore, if your current desires no goals for yourself if there is no point from which you will receive a physical thrill, then unfortunately your goals will have to come true very hard and with great effort.

Harmonious hierarchy is as if it did not sound scary to you:

♡ Please have me, a woman, united with God, carrying the energy of creation and creativity.
♡ Is my man who defends and protects me, allowing me to increase the welfare of the world.
♡ Do my children, who are part of my creative energy.
♡ There are my mom and dad who brought me into this world.
♡ Is my family, feeding me power and grace.
♡ There, the universe that helps me to grow and develop.

If you are in the foreground husband or children, then your system is not able to operate at full capacity, it would be like to get under way by car from the second or third gear. The car certainly go if work hard. But it will buzz as the engine will wear. If the machine starts to move to the third gear - this emergency mode. Wear enormous. And the risk of engine fire is very large.

Woman - this is the first transmission for any process, everything always starts with her.
This is not an ode to women, this power hierarchy, it must be remembered! If you do not understand their role in the prosperity of the family and will continue to be to begin with the children and my husband, I'll help you nothing.

I consulted a lot of decent Vedic women who take care of children is ideal, giving the latter, prayed for their husbands and do penance, but there was no money at all. What kind of injustice?
It is not injustice! This regularity.

The more a woman of personal desires, the more it is financial - potential. I just took it all on himself, all the money invested in the development of her husband, the child needed to buy toys, and myself, I can be patient, because the truth?
Only nothing comes of it.

The biggest pain is when a woman who sacrificed herself the family goes to the man who just takes his thanks and a smile.

How many of these women, I rehabilitated: "How could he? I did all of myself to give him? I recently invested in it - it is ungrateful! »

Maybe if more took and took and spent itself, he would not have gone, and even if it was gone, there would not be so painful.

You see, this is no joke.
To give herself to her husband and children to the end - very dangerous!

♡ So the first step on the path to prosperity - the existence of personal desires in a woman. "(From the observations of a wise woman)


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