Commandment 104-year-old sage Andrew Raven for a long and happy life.

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Commandment 104-year-old sage Andrew Raven for a long and happy life

1. Learn to see around all life and enjoy everything - grass, trees, birds, animals, the earth, the sky. They peered into the kind eyes and an attentive heart - and open you are the knowledge that you will not find in books. And you see them in yourself - tamed and updated.

2. Grasp the custom even for a few minutes at any time to stand barefoot on the ground. Let the body ground until she called him.

3. Look for a case to stay near the water. It removes fatigue, cleanse the thoughts.

4. Drink clean water, wherever possible, without waiting for thirst. This is the first medicine. Where my fate is not led, I first looked for a well, spring. Do not drink the sweet and salty (mineral) water from bottles. The first fret the liver, the second immure vessels.

5. Every day on your table should be vegetables. Nutritional those vegetables that are warmed and filled with sunshine. In the first place - beets, not on the ground of the best food. Then - beans, squash, berries, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, lettuce, apples, grapes, plums.

6. The meat is better not to eat. There's pain - on it to adopt. Yes, and we are not predators.

7. Bad food - sausage, fried potatoes, biscuits, sweets, preserves, pickles. My food - a cereal, beans, greens. Predator ate meat - barely crawling, lazy. A horse on oats whole day pulling a cart. Locusts eat grass of force has to fly.

8. There are a handful of better, but often. To eat less, drink lots of water and fruit compotes, I eat roughage and raw vegetables. On Thursday evening until Friday evening I did not eat, only drink water.

9. Post - the largest grace. Nothing strengthens me and the young as fast. Bones become light as a bird. A cheerful heart is like the guy. With each major post I'm young for several years.

10. The sun rises and sets - for you. The work goes well after sunrise. You'll get used to it and be strong in body and healthy spirit. And the better the brain is resting and lighter in the evening sleep. So do the monks and warriors. And have the power to serve.

11. Good midday nap on his back half an hour to clear his head and blood person. Poor sleep after eating, because then the blood becomes thick and fat is deposited on the blood vessels.

12. Less sit, but plenty of sleep.

13. Try to be more in the open. Get used to live in a cool place. Suffice it to his feet and hands were warm, but the head - in the shade. The body is wasting away and aging of the heat. Ussuriysk forests I knew an old Chinese man who always wore a cotton dress, but in the cabin almost never drowned.

14. Weak, merzlyavoe strengthen your body with herbs. A handful of herbs, berries, leaves, branches currants, raspberries, strawberries with boiling water steamed and drink all day. In the winter of great benefit to get this.

15. Do not forget about the nuts. Walnut is similar to our brain. In it the power to the brain. Good day to eat a teaspoon of peanut butter.

16. With people be kind and considerate. Each of them, even empty, so that you can learn something. Do not make people imagine neither enemies nor friends. And then do not get them trouble.

17. What you meant to be given. Just learn to humbly wait. What you should not have, and should not wait. Let the soul be easy.

18. Do not believe in superstitions, astrologer, does not resort to divination. Keep your heart and soul clean.

19. When the soul is bad, you have to walk a lot. Best of field, forest, above the water. Water bear your sadness. But remember: the best medicine for body and soul - fasting, prayer and physical work.

20. Move more. The stone that is rolling, not overgrown with moss. Trouble we keep on earth. Do not turn away from them, but do not let them on a reign. Never be afraid to start a new case study - Update itself.

21. I have never been to a resort or Sunday is not spent. My holiday - a change of occupation. Nerves rest when working hands. The body gains strength when working head.

22. Do not ask enough. Ask great. And get smaller.

23. not tricky at all to benefit, and try to be very helpful. The vine, which does not give birth soon dries.

24. Do not be a scoff and Mockingbird, but be cheerful.

25. Do not overeat! Hungry Beast smarter and nimbler well-fed man. With a handful of dates and a glass of wine Roman legionaries ran the full 20 kilometers of ammunition, crashed into the enemy ranks and fought half a day without a break ... And of satiety and debauchery patrician Roman Empire fell.

26. After dinner, I had a half-hour stroll around the garden.

27. When eating, wash down with it. Do not drink before or after a meal.

28. In order not to go with the child to hospitals and pharmacies, have it in the hands of Nature. From an early age teach to walk barefoot on the ground. This is a strong hardening. Burned baby in the sun - it will benefit, bitten by a wasp or ant - too well, stung by nettles, bathed in cool water, scratched thorn eaten windfalls in the garden - then hardened ailments, became a stronger body, more spirit.

29. When the cut vegetables with a knife, they partially lose their earthly power. It is better to eat them and cook whole. Onions twice more useful if it is to crush your hands or a wooden plank.

30. It is not necessary to drink tea shops. For me, the best tea leaves - from the young twigs of pear. This tea is very fragrant and healing. Displays salt and excess water, reduces pain and inflammation of the joints. And coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer erode heart.

31. If you get tired, there was a weakness, tenderness, just let your body relax. Let your food will be easier. To do this, there is some one meal during the day. The next day - another dish. And so at least a week or two.

32. Do you want a long stay young and live long? Once a week to arrange a walnut-apple day. In the morning cook 8 8 apples and nuts. About every 2:00, eat one apple and walnut. To the stomach during the day I was busy.

33. When you feel that the body gets tired quickly, that you have all the annoying work, as they say, from the hands of falls - this means: it is necessary to take a carrot two or three times a day. So rejuvenate.

34. Hot dishes I cook only 1-2 times. Food should be fresh.

35. To avoid colds, do not wash with hot water every day, eat nuts and garlic, walk barefoot on the floor sprinkled corn and lots of sleep.

36. When it is the season of berries, you can indulge in any food, just not in the berries. Every day eat at least the cup. If the stars - are the eyes of the sky, berry-eye ground. None of them important and not important. Each saturate your strength and health - from cherry to watermelon.

37. Nurture a sense of inner joy and charm of life.

38. Take time to pause, to calm, for peace talks with.

39. What is good and what is bad - let your heart dictates, and not human rumors.

40. Do not worry about what everyone thinks and says about you. Be your own judge of the purity and dignity.

41. Do not be angry at people. Do not judge them. Each forgiven you add people you love for yourself.

42. If your heart is full of love, there is no place for fear.

43. Do not compete in anything with anyone. To each his own. It is better to give in.

44. The poor are not the one who is small, and the one to whom little.

45. Do not beat the children and do not shout at them. Otherwise, they will grow slaves.

46. ​​Do not argue. Each has its own truth and its own offense.

47. does not teach people how to live, what to do. I will never teach, only advise when asked Council.

48. do not consider myself the smartest and most decent, better than others.

49. Do not try to be an example to others. Look for example nearby.

50. The healing power - healthy sleep. But it daily to earn some work efforts.


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