In a woman's life, water can do wonders, become a source of youth, beauty and good mood.
We women, on a deep level feel the connection with the water. We have it a lot of common attributes: fluidity, suppleness, softness, the ability to avoid obstacles without a fight. Therefore, we, the women, it is useful to rest near the water, watch over, watch the waves. It is very soothing the mind and fills tranquility.

Our body needs water, if possible give up carbonated drinks and juices. These drinks will never fill the need for water. If even drink juice, only fresh. And always remember, even fruit juice is no substitute for water. Unfortunately, no tea, no coffee and especially do not apply to water.

If you feel irritable, sarcasm and "dry" in relation to others need to start itself "moisturize" and filled with water.

Also, take it a rule to drink a glass of water after any negative emotions. Offended, upset - drink a glass of water, water is able to output negative. Drink no one gulp, and in small sips slowly. Water works miracles!

Scientists have shown that water has a memory, it can store information. That is, the water can be programmed and emotionally charged. Use this property of water when cooking for your loved ones. Send water positive emotions.

Also remember about the property when cleaning their space. "Plot" water of love, happiness, the abundance and only then proceed with cleaning.

What changes can bring water into our lives! Start consciously use water in their lives, and the lives necessarily change. Let every contact with water will give you a sense of celebration and renewal!


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