How much water to drink a day?

If you drink more water than the body needs (remember that each has its own rules):

 - Swelling

Their cause is usually called water retention associated with excessive consumption of salt. In fact, this is a very superficial look at the issue. Causes swelling and can decrease the concentration of proteins in the blood and excess fluid intake. In the presence of even small problems with heart or kidney consumption of water over the amount which is able to accept the body, it causes edema. What to do? Be sure to coordinate your drinking regimen with your doctor.

 - High pressure

In itself, excessive drinking can be the cause of hypertension. But - if there are problems with the renal excretory function, 8 glasses of "norms" may cause harm by provoking hypertensive crisis. As in the preceding paragraph, the person drinking regime, which increased the pressure to be agreed with the doctor. Incidentally, hypertension in recent years "younger" are increasingly common, and at first asymptomatic young people - those who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise and drinking are the same 2 liters of water per day.

 - Reducing the concentration of minerals in the blood

Minerals and trace elements regulate metabolic processes in the body's cells. Reducing its concentration in blood leads to the fact that the cell walls missing too much water. Because of this, they lose their ability to function normally and die.

How much drinking water per day - up to you.

Nature has endowed the human body naturally regulyatorom- thirst. If you are healthy, it is quite possible to rely on: thirsty - drink, do not want - do not drink. Heavy drinking is normal for you and does not cause discomfort - continue in the same spirit. Because of two liters of "rules" appear swelling, increased pressure and a barrage of flowing sweat? Reduce water consumption.

The most sensible - to find their normal and drink as much as required by your body, and the rate of 2, 5 liters a day - no more than a myth.
You need to drink as much as you want.


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