What products are useful for JOINTS

Somehow, all the children from childhood hate fish oil and begin to mention one of his hysterics. But, anyway, the useful properties of cod liver oil has long been proven and they can not be helped. For example, the northern nations hardly suffer from diseases of the joints, and it is due to the fact that their diet is often present fish and other seafood. As you know, the greatest benefit for our joints are foods that contain large amounts of vitamin D. In the milk, cream, yogurt, cream, liver cod and tuna, this vitamin is found in optimal quantities.

But if you ever happen to visit the North Pole, that under no circumstances do not try to use the liver of the polar bear, which contains an incredible amount of vitamins D and A, even a small piece of the liver shows the annual rate of these vitamins. Having used it, you experience an acute hypervitaminosis that in the future will lead to a "drying up" of the synovial fluid that bathes the joints.

Vegetarians also rarely complain of pain in the joints. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of diseases of the joints, you should try to have as many different salads, dressed with vegetable oil (olive, mustard, sunflower or soy). Of fruit, try to eat more apples, plums, apricots, raspberries, mountain ash. If you want your joints are healthy, then think of the honey, which is just as well be used together with walnuts and cranberries. It hurt the joints strong tea or coffee, as well as spirits. But the birch juice or green tea - is what is needed for the health of your joints.


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