The scientific method, which will help to cook eggs properly

It seems that it may be easier than to boil an egg? Pour water, it solish to eggs are not cracked, and wait for a certain time.

But in the end it may happen that the protein becomes too elastic and dry yolk or protein will stick to the shell and the egg will be impossible to clean.

All this is because the egg - it is actually two different substances. To achieve the desired consistency, the yolks and whites require different temperatures. The ideal temperature for the protein - 82 ° C. If it is already becoming dense protein, but it does not lose tenderness and becomes a "rubber».

For yolk ideal temperature 5 degrees below - 77 ° C. If you exceed this limit, it will become dry and crumbly and acquire an unpleasant greenish-gray color.

American chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt decided to find the best way to cook eggs with the help of science.

He dropped the egg in boiling water for 30 seconds and then threw them a few ice cubes and then brought to a boil. And to get the perfect consistency, the chef every 30 seconds, removed from the water for one egg and check their condition.

And what result he will succeed.

We are in the Website have conclusions cook a mental note.



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