Border Worlds. The mysterious creature. This is worth seeing !!

Andrei Kochetov for many years lived in the village on the edge. In the courtyard of his house has multiple cameras, just in case. One of them looked through the path leading from the bath to the house. It is for her in the evening Epiphany January 15, 2012 Andrew returned from the bath. He did not suspect that behind him moves mysterious creature, fixed surveillance camera. Unknown object constantly changes shape, at some point it began to resemble the outline of a human figure, and then he again turned into a translucent white ball. Andrew, as well as all the villagers Strelchiha, no doubt - it was a ghost. It recently happened in a village massacre - victim was a 5-year-old girl.

"The X-territory" - a series of documentary investigations of the project "Reality". Each film tells the story of an unusual phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation. Each new film, viewers will learn about the anomalous zones, prophetic dreams, supernatural abilities of the person and the UFO. The program's authors consider all points of view - from the fantastic to realistic. Witnesses and participants of the event will talk about their experiences, or what had to face. Comments of experts will help to explain this or that phenomenon from a scientific point of view, confirming or denying the possibility of its existence ...


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