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After cooking the beetroot to cool and it easily goes into the category of COLD. This beetroot outrageously simple and you can eat it cold after it cools down. Favorite authors post ). Universal

Beetroot – 1-2pcs (about 400 g), cleaned and cut into strips.

Carrots (preferably young) – 2 pieces (about 200g), cut into strips.

Pickles or salted – 3-5pcs – clear, remove the core, seeds if large and cut into strips.

Potatoes – 2, cut into strips. Put the potatoes in the beetroot soup in that case, if someone very well, not enough potatoes – there are such people)) .

A young onion with stalks (small size onion) (Fig.7) — 5-7 PCs, cut into rings.

Dill – 50g, chop finely.

The beet tops with the stalks (or chard leaves with stalks ) or only the stalks – 100-150g, cut into

In a pan capacity of 2.5-3l, put prepared as described above beets, add a little cucumber pickle (about ½ — 2/3 Cup), bring to boil, put carrots and allow to simmer 5-10 minutes at an average intensity of the boil, add pickles and potatoes, season with salt to taste and cook . You can add ground black pepper to taste.

After 10 minutes, place in a pot of boiling beetroot, beet tops (chard) stalks and onions. Cook for another 15 minutes (until cooked potatoes ). Then add the dill.

When serving add to each bowl and chopped hard-boiled eggs at the rate of 1яйцо in a bowl and 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream.

The authors prefer to do this without the beetroot the green part of the leaves, with petioles of beets or chard (leaf beet). Mangold was tested by the authors in the beetroot recently and, according to the authors, it is very good in beetroot, especially the petioles)


Beets (young) – 500 g (3-4pcs a young beet tops to separate and delay), thoroughly wash the roots with a brush and boil until tender, adding the wine vinegar or Apple (6%) – 1tbsp scoop (or juice ½ lemon) in the pot with a volume of 2.5-3 l strain the Broth, salt ( you can add a tablespoon of sugar, but usually the broth beet already has a certain sweetness without sugar and better to do ..) , to cool and place in the refrigerator for further cooling.

The tops with the stalks, wash, slice crosswise and boil (stew) in a few (!!) salted water until soft, drain in a colander and drain off the water. Cool.

Cucumbers – 400-500g, remove skin, cut into strips or circles.

Green onions – 150 g , chopped finely.

Dill – 100g, finely chop.

Eggs – 5-6pcs, boil hard boiled and chopped .

Place the prepared cucumbers, eggs, onion, fennel tops in a saucepan and cover okhlazhdeniem beet broth (beet broth should be 2, and preferably 2, 5 l), salt if necessary.

Serve with sour cream. It is possible for fans to file separately chopped cooked beef or chicken . You can also submit separately, for the fans, boiled in their skins and diced potatoes.

Beet broth for the beetroot can be cooked a little differently and, according to the authors of the post, this version is much better : we need to prepare a decoction of chopped beets (beetroots 500g) with the addition of vinegar (6%) or lemon juice, beetroot same which was aterials do not use beetroot and cook for another beetroot the beet (unpeeled) above previously. This will complicate the matter, but the broth will be richer and that, if it is better in our opinion .

In any case, beet broth can be prepared in advance (in the evening) and it will be easier and better in the end.



Is prepared similarly to the previous recipe of beetroot on the white brew, but instead of the white rye kvass beet kvass is used.

BEETROOT soup ON KEFIR (from the book "the classic Jewish cuisine" )

The original recipe from the book:

1 beet-2 PCs, potato 3-4pcs, 2 eggs-3 PCs, sour cream 2-3столовые spoon yogurt ½ l, 1 fresh cucumber-2 pieces, green onions -50 g dill, parsley, cilantro 1 bunch, beet brine or citric acid, sugar, salt.

Drop into boiling water the cleaned and washed beets whole, or cut in half, add a little salt and a few drops of vinegar or pinch of citric acid. Boil until soft. In a separate pan in small amount of salted water cook the potatoes, into small cubes. The beets are ready, remove from the boiling water, cool, cut straws. Potatoes, beets to put in the water in which they were boiled. Pour strained sour beet brine , bring to boil, add salt and sugar to taste. Cool.

Dressing for beetroot. Green onions, parsley and coriander, finely chop and grind with wooden pestle, cucumber peel and cut into small cubes. Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel and chop, add sour cream and yogurt. Mix well. In a plate put 2 tablespoons of the filling and pour the cold beetroot soup.

The beetroot is possible to submit boiled potatoes, peeled and sliced herring or fried fish.


Beets — 400-500 g (3 medium size beets), boil until soft, peel and cut into strips.

Cucumbers – 400-500 g ( 4 medium sized cucumber), cleaned and cut into strips.

Green onion – 100-150 g, chopped finely ( about 1 Cup volume 250ml chopped onion with the "hill") .

Dill – 100g, chopped finely (about 1 Cup volume 250ml chopped dill) .

Eggs boiled – 5 PCs, cut into cubes or as you like (the recipe pictured on quail eggs ).

Place all ingredients in an enamel pan or supnik ceramic , salt and pour kvass ( preferably white or if not white bread) – 2 – 3 litres depending on your desired consistency. How to make white brew, the authors of the post wrote previously.

When applying in each plate put 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream.

PRIMICIA: before you lay the chopped onion and dill in a bowl, using the pestle from a mortar or with a wooden spoon, crush the herbs, to crush and not grind fanatically.

BEETROOT soup ON KEFIR (our option) .

Boil the washed but unpeeled beetroot whole-400g, peeled, cut into strips or cubes.

Cucumbers 400g – peeled, cut into strips.

4 eggs-6pcs – boil hard boiled, chopped.

Green onions – 100g, finely chop.

Dill – 100g, finely chop.

Parsley – 50 g, cut into.

Place prepared beets, cucumbers, eggs, onions, dill and parsley in a saucepan (preferably a ceramic or enamel), salt and pour sour milk or kefir. (Kefir and sour milk can be diluted with boiled and cooled water, but most of the authors of the post do either with kefir or sour milk) .

It is separately possible to submit boiled in "uniform", peeled and diced, potatoes.


To separate from a young beet greens, wash and drop into salted boiling water, cook until tender; then take a piss on drushlag, pour cold water and allowing to drain complete water wipe through a sieve: boil beet roots in water until tender, peel and put into a pot palivo boiling water and leave in a cool place to drugoga day. For ½ hour before the holiday fold the beetroot soup in a Cup, add finely-porezany wiih or pickles and beets, to breed a good beet kvass with water, put a spoon of sour cream, to taste salt and pepper, stir in part of the chopped herbs, i.e., dill, chervil and parsley, and lowered a piece of ice. – Rugged thin slices of salmon served on a plate really.

BEETROOT P. f SIMONENKO, "a model kitchen" 1892 .

To issue: ¼ foon dry mushrooms, 1 beet foon, foon ¼ of potatoes, 5 pickles, ½ Cup green onions ½ Cup dill, 2 bottles of kvass, horseradish, salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

½ Dried mushroom boiled in a little water, in a closed vessel, at a gentle heat. When the mushrooms become soft enough, they are finely chopped and together with the broth put in a bowl where you add 1 fun chopped and boiled beets, ¼ foon boiled and chopped potatoes, 5 chopped pickles, 1 handful of chopped green onions and as much dill, season to taste with salt, pepper, horseradish, sugar and 2 b pour kvas. Feeding put ice.


  • to any kind of beetroot (with the exception, perhaps, beetroot soup with kefir or sour milk) simply requires the cream;
  • boiled potatoes for kartofelya better to file separately. To do this, cook in his "uniform", cut into cubes and serve
  • under Sokolniki well served with boiled fish ;
  • mushroom broth and mushrooms, which are listed in the recipe of the beetroot by P. F. Simonenko "Model kitchen" in 1892 , according to subjective opinion of the authors excessive ( recipe was tested).
  • ice for the beetroot mentioned in the recipe I. M Radetsky "Almanac of groceries" 1852г, according to the authors, are very relevant in sokolnikah;
  • when you substitute chicken eggs for quail, instead of 1 chicken eggs should take 3-4 quail.
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