As a simple pencil in five minutes to cheer up

Sitting, happened at work, the mood - neither fish nor fowl. Like, not bad, and the like - sadly somehow ... fall outside the window, devoured ... bytovuha

If this situation is familiar to you, then the site has a simple advice on how to quickly improve the mood and start again "flit through life." To do this you need to do quite a strange thing of two steps:

Take a pencil; Clamp it in your teeth and wait for 5 minutes. Yes, from the outside it may look ridiculous. Yes, the muscles of the lips zatekut exactly 15 seconds. But be patient - after five minutes you will be rewarded!

What is the secret of this focus? Its principle of operation is based on the same as meditation. The fact is that not only our thoughts affect our actions, the opposite is true: actions directly affect the thinking. This is how our body.

Finding your face a smile (actually a grimace), the brain some time to draw a conclusion that you have fun. A fun time - so you need to make serotonin and endorphins - hormones of joy and pleasure. And those, in turn, will work and really lift your mood!

And although this may sound strange and unbelievable, check and see for yourself - a way of working! At the same time colleagues and cheer their talent to cope with stress and originality.

Selena Parfyonova specifically for the site




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