Why can not divorce (Torsunov).

Because marriage is created by higher powers and not by us.
If people live together year, so these relationships are not made in vain.
Higher forces create a family with only one purpose - to give a man a test.
Happiness comes only after you hand over your exam.
First, the bait - a romantic relationship, then the invisible war - tame someone close to him.
Stages of development of family relations:
1. The world - so I take a loved one with all its pribabahami, no matter whether it accepts me.
2. Respect - do you feel that the person you care about what he seeks to establish a proper relationship with you and something for you sacrifices.
3. True love begins when people stand there loyalty, willingness to serve one another, then they discover each other's hearts.
For the love we must fight. She herself did not come. It must be earned.
People are often very cheap by nature: As soon as the test run to another wife or husband. These people accept their fate means, fight for it and win.
Every man has his character so much hell that simply can not tolerate a woman, too, and they tolerate each other by voluntary taming themselves and try to serve each other. In this is love, not that there was a person that you will not irritate. Yes man woman simply can not in principle does not irritate! He is stupid, does not know how to behave, rough, only likes to eat and sleep, lazy, insensitive, uncaring, can not wash 2 days. A woman is by nature a very nerdy, envy, resentment, irritability, uncontrollable, greedy. And their eyes met, and they of course immediately fell in love))
And then begins not a fairy tale, but life.
The person who is next, and which do you think is the most disgusting and nenavistlivym, and why I think he went, he would be the favorite if you hand over the examination of their own destiny. And you're very surprised this! As soon as you yourself will become worthy, you will see how to transform a loved one.


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