POWER feminine nature - into submission.

If a woman occupies a subordinate position - a sign of its reasonableness and the opportunity to succeed in society and her husband. If the wife obeys her husband, she can.

Suppose wife conceived something, but my husband says the exact opposite; what to do if your wife? It should say, "Yes, let it be on your way." Husband still notice that she does not like it, but because it gives him the freedom to choose, it will remain open to her feelings. He will say: "You are, I think, something like," and she said, "Sure, I'd love differently, but you do have the main course, I would be hard, maybe even cry, I can even now, but nevertheless, since you're the chief, let it be as you want ».
Since men in general the principle of the relationship is always only one, and the motive - an occasion for conversation - plays a minimal role, for him to do so, or otherwise can not be more important than to please his wife. Almost certainly, he will say, "Well, let's do as you see fit, it may be even more reasonable." Because the relationship has always played a greater role than some external action.

Another thing, if this action is associated with the life of society, the family, then he can say, "Yes, I agree, maybe you will be hard on this, but you should understand why it is necessary to do just that." And when her husband convincingly explain why it needs to be done, my wife, in the end, see: yes, indeed, he was right, so it's best to do. And here are already cooperative relationship.

OG Torsunov


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