10 ideas for how to use the corners of the apartment. Tip number 2 precisely apply the kitchen!

In the old days in the corner of the room was made to put icons, and more - naughty children, who were serving their sentences. Fortunately, modern kids had more luck (or unlucky?), And the angles are now gathering dust lonely and are considered completely unnecessary in the interior. However, if you get to be creative, you can change a lot! For example, if you have a small apartment, and a lot of things, or do you want to diversify the interior design and find a place for loved ones or very useful things - use angles! You would not believe how well you can organize space using small design tweaks!

1. Cool the solution for the wardrobe in the bedroom. I fell in love with the idea at first glance.

2. These cabinets allow to accommodate twice as many dishes!

3. If a creative approach, the kitchen of any style will look cool!

4. The idea for the nursery. Kids definitely appreciate!

5. In the hallway a little space? Try corner shelves! Guests will be surprised exactly as creative solutions!

6. double bed headboard not only fits perfectly in the corner of the room, but also allows you to choose any sleeping position.

7. Corner, which is ideal for students or their parents. You can use the kitchen in the hallway or in the office. A very useful thing.

8. Leaving a job you forget to take an umbrella? Now he just asks for the hand!

9. Even the angle is not an obstacle for the chairs, which were conceived as a whole. Move them to a different place, of course, difficult, but they look amazing!

10. This table will fit perfectly in any place in the apartment. Now I know where to put the aquarium!

Feel free to fantasize! The apartment is designed for convenience - make your space comfortable using little tricks! Friends sharing these ideas, you teach them to look at the space in the room from a different angle!

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