Make Money or Die: 10 facts about how to use his chief of staff and for their own purposes

How to make a career in the modern company, regardless of the circumstances in which you were? How best to play, regardless of what cards have dropped out? All vozmozhno.Pishet long wanted to write a great post about jobs, careers and modern organizations. But the time for some reason it becomes less and less. Therefore, I try to start with a simple collection of unkempt thoughts that have accumulated to date. At the same time just say that the question of "employment vs. Your Business "deliberately left overs.

1. Most of emotions that we feel connected to other people. Hence, a key influence on the satisfaction and success in the work of providing the people who surround you. For 10 years of work in corporations, I managed to change the five companies in which I have been more than a decade of direct superiors and a couple dozen mediated. The main conclusion which I did - choosing a job, choose the person with whom you have to work. strong leader will make you stronger, the weak - weaker.

2. If you made a mistake with the choice of the chief, and you realize that this man is not to cook porridge, try to eliminate as much as possible its monopoly on the resources. Try to make sure that you had access to different people, and the task then the maximum - to work in the most intelligent, sensible and forward-looking person in the company. Such companies are few and well marked. Such people can learn, and they will all move up the stairs. Accordingly, they will pull over a people who are helping them do it. Do any of your increase in the company must be "SponsorĀ».

3. on career success affect not only professional quality. The harsh truth of life lies in the fact that the If you will just have a good and a lot of work, then you will be all my life is good and a lot of work. Therefore, do not be offended that promote people who "do not know. " Most likely, these people know how to communicate, and organize other people that much more important for a leader than doskanalno technical knowledge of the subject. Normally select those who show initiative and know how to build relationships. And more often - those who know and trust.

4. search for a compromise between money and non-return to work, in my opinion, not very productive. We must do what is pleasant. And if not, then what makes money. Otherwise there will be a constant frustration. This is due primarily to the fact that, subject to receiving the money, you can increase the interest. Subject of great interest can be enlarged money. But the subject of semi-interest to increase the money received will be much harder.

5. The world is changing very much, and after him the nature of the employment of people. I think that in a couple of decades, many leave the profession into oblivion, economic growth will slow down completely after population growth and productivity, and to find a job for someone else would be extremely difficult, not only in Europe. Then, those who start career today, I would recommend to take the time to walk the beaten paths. If you can start your business - start. I regret that I did not do it sooner. But, apparently, still to this ever come.

6. How many times have written about it, but I repeat once again. We must be proactive. We must knock on doors where you want to go. We must insist. If you just do what you're told, you never can not escape from what you're doing today. You no one ever will not be anywhere to drag.

7. Choosing between occupations, try to choose those features that are scaled and bring real results. An example: a person who works in strategy or finance, is almost imperceptible for guidance. He does not bring value does not increase business, and key results of his work are presentations or reports. But a person who works in sales or production, he really creates value for the company. This is the man who embodies that same strategy, and it depends on the success of the company. Today the majority of support functions make it easy to outsourcing (consulting, audit, accounting ...), and all the loafers with MBA disperse. At the same time to disperse the people who bring us real money, you can not.

8. I still can not answer the question of which strategy is better: to build a career on the strengths and work on the narrow profile, or to close weak, trying to work in different directions. Recently I inclined to the first option, because generalists are valued much less than specialists in one thing. If to become a unique specialist in any narrow area, then find a high-paying and less napryazhno work will be easier than a man who can do everything a little bit. In this specialization often limits the growth in management direction, so in any case, would have to be pumped so-called soft skills.

9. Every organization has a formal and informal structure. It is important to understand as much as possible before the informal part of the process and find out what is actually going on. What, in fact, want the people around and what their real goals. So it will be much easier.

10. You always have to remember that, in any case, you work only for himself and his family. Your boss - is you. Even if you work for hire. sees itself as a company that provides professional services to some customers and try to get the maximum price for them. Do you have advantages and disadvantages, you have a market price. - Your task is to increase the price and follow their goals.



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