Masters of improvisation: 6 facts about famous movie scenes, get a chance. This is genius!

Could you assume that all of these memorable scenes in popular blockbusters were actually improvised?

1. Leonardo DiCaprio in "Django Unchained" Remember when Mr. Candy makes it clear to Dr. Schultz and Django that saw through the deception? During the filming of the dinner of "Django Unchained" DiCaprio had hit his hand on the table and let the arguments. Everything went according to plan, except that the blow fell on the glass, and cut his hand for real actor.

However, DiCaprio did not stop the game, so that the blood drenched the table - a real, and its appearance in the shot - pure accident, from which the film only won. Here is how the actor describes this incident.

2. Heath Ledger in "Dark Knight" Explosions in the hospital one after the other, but the last and most large-scale something went wrong. Joker, he's Heath Ledger, shrugs, shakes detonator and serendipitously hear the long-awaited "bang!┬╗.

3. Dustin Hoffman in "Midnight Cowboy" Heroes had just to cross the road on a green light, when suddenly, totally unexpectedly, they almost ran Takis. The phrase Dustin Hoffman, "I'm coming here!" Has since become a cruise.

4. Malcolm McDowell in "A Clockwork Orange" to violence in the home of the writer of "Clockwork Orange" was the most realistic and eerie, and the viewer realize how simple cruelty given to Alex and his pals, Stanley Kubrick asked Malcolm McDowell in its entirety sing any song on his choice. The actor chose to "Singing in the rain┬╗.

5. Woody Allen in "Annie Hall" During the filming of the movie "Annie Hall" Woody Allen gave the hero a package of white powder and a proposal to try something new. Actor accidentally sneezed powder scattered, and this time had to reshoot. However, on a test viewing audience laughed at so screw up the double of that in the tape included is his.

6. Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" in a scene from "Fight Club", where Tyler offers to hit him, Brad Pitt had just skip push in the shoulder. But the actor was not weak in the ear, so that the grimace and cry very natural.



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