This woman of 20 years of solid white crystals crying and no one knows why

Kindergarten teacher from the city of Lins (Brazil) Laura Pons suffered a mysterious illness that manifests itself in crystal tears. Not in the sense that the tears of this woman's crystal clear, and that when she cries, tears instantly become solid white crystals.

At times, because of this, Laura has to take sick leave and removed from under his eyelids up to 30 solid plates a day. "When these plates dry, they become hard and cause severe pain" - says the woman.

The first symptoms of this strange disease appeared when Laura was only 15 years - instead of tears her eyes were suddenly filled with strange white substance. She was frightened and called her mother Marissa. She tried to remove the formed white plate from under swollen eyelids daughter, but instead she immediately began to form new.

"I was terrified. We called an ambulance, but the doctor also could not explain what was going on "- says Marissa.

Laura is now 35 years old, and doctors still do not know how to treat it and do not even understand what caused this condition.



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