8 amazing facts about the city in Tatarstan, run by the residents themselves Telegram

In 2014, in Tatarstan, 30 kilometers from the city of Kazan appeared Innopolis focused on the development of business and technological training of students. By the beginning of August 2015 the city has grown to 300 people, and yet it is small, they are able to build the entire communication between citizens, business and government through a messenger Telegram. The site explains the facts about the amazing gorodke.

1. Innopolis positioned itself as a high-tech city is closely associated with IT. With the special economic conditions of the city expects to attract IT-companies from across the country to its industrial park and to increase the number of inhabitants - for the master plan of the city in the same time Innopolis can live up to 155 thousand people.

2. In order to form a comfortable life in the city and to attract new residents Innopolis use different tools, including the Telegram. In it it incorporated most of the residents and key project staff.

3. Chat is not only used as a communication tool, but also to public scrutiny. For example, through the people directly talked with the owner of a local café, and persuaded him to reduce the price to the level of Kazan. Tea, for example, as a result began to cost less than 40 rubles.

4. A chat Telegram residents lobbied install bicycle parking at the main buildings in the city: the mayor's office to hear the position of several active cyclists and decided. The chief architect of Innopolis periodically takes off in the general chat project planning area and answering questions when it is implemented.

5. Chat organized one of the first residents - who exactly, no one remembers. There is a system of different chats: general chat (life Innopolis), chat, where you can search for travel companions, chat for ads, chat on the interaction of City Hall and the University Chat Masters, chat to discuss the work of the school and the kindergarten, even chat "bullies" Innopolis is.

6. The telegram has a limit of 200 people per chat, and now worked out a few decisions as to extend this limit. Man with hand can get into a chat, if to invite someone from the chat participants, or will send him the link.

7. City Development Strategy spelled out until 2027, but by the end of 2015, the population Innopolis plan to increase several times. "At the moment, live in the city staff of the Special Economic Zone, the University, the City Hall and other structures plus students.

8. Innopolis legally became a city in late December 2014, when the election of the mayor. In order to register in the city officially, it is necessary to apply to the Federal Migration Service: this would require either proof of ownership of the property or consent of the owner of property to ensure that future residents was registered there.

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