What to do if you are choking, and near no one to save you?

To save himself! The site publishes a cheat sheet that should be read carefully, because once this knowledge can save your zhizn.Vse we imagine about what to do if a person suddenly choked and he needed help. Basic skills and what we assembled on TV reflexively work when we come to the aid of man.

But what to do if this happens to you, and you will not be in a public place and home in splendid isolation? Indeed, how to be in this case? I personally can not think of a single film or a documentary video where a person would have saved himself. But this situation has as much chance to happen when you are alone at home, as well as in humans.

This is actually thought Jeff Rehman, who is a firefighter and paramedic with 22 years of experience.

In this video Jeff shows what to do, being in this difficult situation. The most important thing is:

Do not panic and remain calm. Kneel down and lean your hands on the floor. Then remove the hand and literally flop on his chest. A sharp blow breasts on the floor let out a large quantity of air, and at the same time and jammed food.

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